Tiny Wings Reviews

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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Yes, its worth it.


Nostalgic. Peaceful. Fantastic music. Pure.

So much fun


I recently remembered this game from about 10 years ago and Googled the description since I couldn’t remember the name. Tiny Wings popped right up and I instantly downloaded this nostalgic game. It’s exactly as I remember it, as still so much fun. Worth the buy!!

Great game even today


It still holds up




iOS classic


It must be like 10 years since the game released and it is always a pleasure to play it.

Pretty fantastic

PBJ Monster

Game is great. Had it forever. Love it

Timeless Art Style


One of my favorite iPhone games ever

True Classic


I love this game. Been playing it for 12+ years. I’ve shared lots of very special moments with friends and family playing this game, especially my brother. You won’t regret the purchase.

So good.


Absolutely Lovely

Addicting, but their should be multiplayer


The game is very smooth and it’s satisfying to hit multiple jumps in succession. If only there was more content, because it feels as if a free game would have more to do than a game you pay for.