Tiny Wings Reviews

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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Best game ever

i like this game 👌👌👌👌👌

I love this so much I remember it from when I was a kid

Staple of the App Store


I had this way back on the 3g and I got it again for the XS, still a wonderful game.

game of my childhood


this is a very

Stuck for Years


I’ve been stuck on the same level for years. Literally since 2012. Get through all of island four in fever mode?! That’s kind of intense. If someone could just “bump” me along, it would be much appreciated. I would play more if I didn’t keep having to try this one thing that I’ve failed at hundreds of times. 😂

Great app


Great app I find this game really satisfying. I did however find that there is a different penguin game that is free but this game allows you to have a pretty much endless game where you play until “the sun goes down”

Can’t get passed fly through fever mode on island 4


Had this game for years. Finally erased it because I can’t finish it and it’s impossible and it’s not worth playing anymore 😡😡😡

love it


i love this game so much i steal my girlfriends phone to play it. please make an android version i beg you! i would pay up to 5$ if there was an android game. just letting you know :)

too good


too good by far. too too good by far too good. i enjoyed very much. this is very peaceful and is calming. very good

Calming and addictive

Life Adventurer

You must try this game, it smoothly immures you into its magical world! Installing it again in 2019 👍🏼


dubious client

I’ve been playing this game for years and it never gets old I love everything about it!