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Live the Fairy Tale! Rebuild and rule over your very own kingdom!
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In Tiny Castle, save your family's ancient castle from the Evil Queen! Feed and raise magical creatures to defeat the Evil Queen who stole your family's castle many years ago. Push back her enchanting spell, build your kingdom and explore the mysterious islands!

Do you have what it takes? Join millions of players in Tiny Castle and reclaim your kingdom! Download today for FREE!

★★★★★ “Engaging story with heartwarming characters”
★★★★★ “Great production values, very fun gameplay!” 


• Collect ALL the Magical Creatures and see them GROW from Babies to Adults
• Unlock new types of magic to SUMMON rare Hybrid creatures
• UNCOVER an ever-expanding world with constant new exciting quests, creatures, and minions
• Upgrade your majestic CASTLE, construct new buildings and gather resources to expand your town
• Use your creatures to DEFEAT the Evil Queen’s minions
• Explore the mysterious realm surrounding your Kingdom
• DECORATE your island with TONS of cute items

Play FREE and enjoy TinyCo’s beautiful hi-resolution artwork and out-of-this world animation


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Tiny Castle is the BEST castle game. It is a FREE Social Game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Optimized to look AMAZING on the iPhone 5 and iPad

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Images aren’t showing

I absolutely love this game... but it has quite a bit of bugs and glitches that need to be fixed. When I’m summoning a creature at the Enchanted Tree, the list of my creatures are there but their images aren’t showing up. I have no idea what two creatures I’m putting together. The same thing happens when I’m battling a minion. The list with my creatures are there, but I can’t see it. It shows up empty but if I tap a space, a creature is selected. I just can’t see which one. And if I tap on the description of the buildings and decorations, the words are cut off. PLEASE FIX THIS. Other than the bugs and glitches, I am totally in love with this game.


Every time I click to play it pulls up the game then all I get is a black screen. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it to play each time.

Fun but the glitches kill it

I used to play this 3-4 yrs ago and it ran better! Now I can’t see to pick a creature to banish a minion with so you can’t do that, half the descriptions are missing when you click on an item (only shows left side of bubble other is blank) i would love to see these bugs fixed so I can play the game again.

Blank Screen
Shushing gerbil

I am on an iPad 4 and I could only get onto the game once. When I open it now it loads but then the screen goes black also I think that you should be Able to name the creatures

Blank screen issue that has been around for over a month
Wiggle monster master

I started playing this game back a few years ago, and it was roughly a month ago when the blank screen started, and so I played a different game because I thought it was just a minor bug that was going to be fixed soon... Well, I was wrong. This game is now awful because of this issue.

Black screen

I just got the game and when i first played it it was fun, then later went I to play the game and it wont let me and it just goes to a black screen so I deleted it.

Was Good

The game was good but when I switched to a new device the game keeps crashing on start up. Followed the trouble shooting steps and still crashes. Guess it's just one more game that doesn't work

Needs update

I really love this game but it keeps crashing!!

1 Request

I really enjoy the game a lot, I just wish that there were 2 Magic Dust wells so I could have 1 well do the long 6 hour development of the dust & the 2nd well could shorter times. I hope sometime in the future you will give this some consideration. Thanks for such a good fun game.

Tiny castle

This is an amazing game!!!😆