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Live the Fairy Tale! Rebuild and rule over your very own kingdom!
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In Tiny Castle, save your family's ancient castle from the Evil Queen! Feed and raise magical creatures to defeat the Evil Queen who stole your family's castle many years ago. Push back her enchanting spell, build your kingdom and explore the mysterious islands!

Do you have what it takes? Join millions of players in Tiny Castle and reclaim your kingdom! Download today for FREE!

★★★★★ “Engaging story with heartwarming characters”
★★★★★ “Great production values, very fun gameplay!” 


• Collect ALL the Magical Creatures and see them GROW from Babies to Adults
• Unlock new types of magic to SUMMON rare Hybrid creatures
• UNCOVER an ever-expanding world with constant new exciting quests, creatures, and minions
• Upgrade your majestic CASTLE, construct new buildings and gather resources to expand your town
• Use your creatures to DEFEAT the Evil Queen’s minions
• Explore the mysterious realm surrounding your Kingdom
• DECORATE your island with TONS of cute items

Play FREE and enjoy TinyCo’s beautiful hi-resolution artwork and out-of-this world animation


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Tiny Castle is the BEST castle game. It is a FREE Social Game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Optimized to look AMAZING on the iPhone 5 and iPad

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Please fix
Djmaster 😢

I love this game i really do but every time i try to bread any creature it won’t show them and it’s hard to summon then and i can’t read anything when i check out anything


I literally never received any of my in app purchases but Apple and the app creator won’t refund my money.

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Olivia Venton

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in upmobi.xyz

Good concept, very glitchy

This game was fun, it just didn’t work. I couldn’t read the text for the description of things, and when I tried to summon things, nothing would show up. It doesn’t feel like it’s finished and needs a lot of fixing, but when it’s done I think it will be a good game.

Liyah Guilbeaux

There was a quest to buy a POUCH of jewels for $4.99 and I have purchased it more than 3 times with no jewels given but I was charged. Don’t spend any money on this game. I want my money back.

LIES!!! (Read this before making ANY in-app purchases)

There is a quest to buy a pouch of jewels and get 850 free food but after purchasing it does not give you the gems or food. Even worse, it still charged my account.

Love the game
Hi love the game

Hi can the creators of the game make an update that can let us change the names of the creatures we have? Also the descriptions aren’t showing and the game is experiencing a few bugs. It’ll be nice to see an update to fix all this

Tiny castle

This is my favorite game ever!!! I feel like it will serve you a purpose in life if you are younger and you play this game because you have to be able to know how much money things are and how to manage how much you are spending! I also like it because sometimes games like this do not make the characters very appropriate for younger kids and all of the characters are very good for younger kids. I LOVE this game SO much!

would love to see a new update

hi! i love this game so much! i started playing this about 2 years ago and it was my favorite game. it has a great storyline and the game takes a long time to complete which i love. but i noticed that the last update for this game was 6 months ago. i do understand that not as many people play this game anymore because it’s an older game but i think it deserves a new update. hope you see this! thanks!


I love this game, but it still has some weird glitches. For some reason I can’t see my monsters when fighting or breeding. It makes it very difficult to breed for certain monsters and complete quests. Basically makes them a guessing game. And when I go to get the magic dust, part of the images for the varying amounts of dust I can collect is cut off. If possible, please fix this. Thank you.

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