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Develop your skills and try to survive as much as you can, try to be the biggest tank. You start as a weak tank, and try to get stronger with battle others who are trying to do the same. How long can you survive?
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Entertainment Free Khoa Le iPhone, iPad, iPod

Tiles.io has no lag issues or performance problems and also have controls designed for every mobile device.

Some of main features:
- Upgrade your tank to 81 levels
- Many classes of tank, many transformation for you to choose
- No Lag. No performance issues on any device
- Smooth gameplay with joysticks
- Internet connection is not need, you can play wherever you want

There are four different tank classes in Tiles.io: Double Gun, Sniper, Big Bertha and Anti Tank. Each class offers its own unique benefits (see the screenshots for more details ^^)

There are 8 different stat upgrades you can use. When you level up your tank, a stat menu appears to the left of your game screen. Below are the stats you can choose from. You select a stat by tapping on the plus sign beside each:
- Health Regen - Increases the life recovery rate of your tank
- Max Health - Increases the maximum life
- Body Damage - Improves the damage caused by collision with other players or obstacles
- Bullet Speed - Increases the speed of the projectile
- Bullet Range -Increases the range of the projectile
- Bullet Damage - Improves the damage caused by projectile
- Reload - Interval decreased bullets
- Movement Speed - Increases movement speed of your tank



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