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Add music and sound effects to your videos, or lip sync your favorite songs. Tons of cool effects like fast motion, slow motion, time lapse, and reverse. Share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp, and Vine to impress your friends and get likes!
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Entertainment Free TikTok Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- millions of free songs and sound effects
- cool video effects: fast motion, slow motion, time lapse, reverse, and other "time machine" effects
- upload video from your camera roll and convert it to music video instantly
- save to camera roll
- discover music videos created by musical.ly community

Some creative ways of using musical.ly:
- Select a love song and create a memorable music video with your beloved one
- Lip-sync your favorite song, and make your Facebook friends believe you are a great singer
- Capture epic moments using slow-motion music videos
- Shoot a street scene in San Francisco, with a Hip Hop song and fast-motion effect

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Optimized for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,iPhone 5S. Performance of this app on iPhone 4 and earlier iOS devices is not fine-tuned.


Tik tok

I love this app so much I can’t get off this app😩 its a great app to see what your friends are doing and showing off you talent and becoming popular

Tiktok we need to talk

So I got 1k 2 week ago and I cannot go live so pls do that or I will give a bad rate pls IM SO SAD and pls put back photo thing pls and pls respond for the last 9. months I worked for NOTHING

It great,but,a bit eh’s.

Hi! So,TikTok is an amazing game,and I was wondering if I could suggest a “positive morning” TikTok when every single user comes up,and uses the app,and looking at a TikTok,they would see a “hey,you’re amazing!”,or an “WOW,AND THAT WAS JUST A TRY? WOW,YOUR SO COOL!” ? And..I suggest this app for all ages,and suggest a perm ban for negative people,and maybe not allow people to talk to strangers? Eh,it’s still a great app! 😊❤️😁


I love it well I wish I could go live



Musically is better!

To be honest, Musically was the best OG and Tik Tok ruined my childhood. Like, do you realize how many famous musers left after it became Tik Tok? For example, Annie LeBlanc! She was an inspiration to all of us and she left. Why? Because Tik Tok is just terrible. TERRIBLE! Bring back crowns, featured page, leaderboards, and much more if you want to keep this app alive. Just seriously, why would you do this? You think, oh it’s just the name and some minor changes in the app. MINOR?! The WHOLE FRICKIN APP IS DIFFERENT! In my opinion, changing many childhoods, including mine, with terrible choices that NOBODY allowed is just trash. Complete unprofessional TRASH! Goodbye, I’m leaving the app, just like everyone else. One thing: Goodbye Tik Tok. Bring back musically now. Now. #bringbackmusically #TikTokSucks

i strongly dislike you.

Why did you delete my account that so many famous people followed?! like why? i don’t like u. like can you not? GIVE ME MY ACCOUNT BACK! zoeandmac.xoxo. NOW OR IM SUEING

I love your game so much 😊👋
poops heWoopsie

Is is a game about video so amazing I love is so much 😊

fix this

I love the app dont get me wrong but the fact that you have sounds for people to use and then stop them from posting because of copyrights is stupid


I like be making TikToks and being funny with friends but I’m trying so hard and I’m still not TikTok famous so can you help me out