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Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos

Create compelling snapshots of videos in YouTube thumbnail maker!
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Entertainment Free an ouyang iPhone, iPad, iPod

Just a few steps and you can create perfect custom video thumbnails.

- Photo Collage
Select from a dozen of templates for the most suitable one to begin with.
-Fonts Keyboard
Over 50 kinds of fonts, font colors and special font effects available for use.
- Stickers
Popular & trending stickers to highlight the best part of your videos.
- Photo Remix
Add extra photos and combine them into photomontages like a PRO.
- Graffiti
Freestyle doodle drawing with infinite creativity.
- Filters
Turn your thumbnails into awesome artworks.
- Contrast & Brightness
Polish your thumbnails for further refinement.

This is not an official YouTube thumbnail maker, the content of which is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by YouTube and YouTube is not responsible for it.


Wish it was completely free
YT Olivia and lillian

Great app just wish it didn't cost money because I am only 12 and don't have a card

Best one, but not perfect

Ok, not unhappy to spend four bucks, but not what imagined.

No cut outs

It great and all but. I have cutouts on my phone that I wanna use on my thumbnails. But, I turns out as a box around it. Please fix.

Great but.....

Can you make it possible to upload channel banners to your YouTube account? Saving the banner to my photos and uploading it doesn't work because it wont fit

The Reason Why 2 -RyzWiz1202

I only gave it 2 because I can't apply videos and it is not that I do not know how but I am NOT looking for trouble. I have a YouTube channel (Ryleghs world of fun)and all I want is simply this- " hey bro whatcha whatchin' NONE OF YOUR BIZ WAX". With the "deal with it glasses" PLEASE PUT IT TO VIDEOS!!!!! If not,this app is REMOVED from my iPad. Again I am not looking for trouble! Please put videos! +=+=+=RyzWiz+=+=+=

Update this
dylan-boost dc gaming

I like this app but there’s only one problem in the side of the picture it says thumbnail maker and I don’t want that I hope you please update this app it will be very helpful

5/5 star rating! 👍

Hate it!

Not enough unlocked

Unlock more things everything good you have to buy! 😔

I love this app its amazing
Avedikian Ani

Literally awesome

Love the app but...

Could you make it so you can flip the photos around? Like if I want something facing to the right but it’s facing left I wanna be able to flip that.