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Pass Through the Ring is an exciting endless jumping game for all ages! Your objective is to guide a skyball to pass through the series of rings. Each time the ball jumps through the ring, the barrier will open and you can move forward. If you fail to enter the ring, the barrier won’t open and if you touch it, you will die. You also need to keep the bouncing ball from touching the spikes on the ceiling or on the floor. This is a very challenging tapping game but it’s very exciting too!
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Games $1.99 Chirag Mirani iPhone, iPad, iPod

Everyone loves endless jumping games nowadays! This genre only requires one touch to keep the bouncing ball to bounce and jump. The secret is how to control how high the ball jumps or falls. To master that skill and become a true bounce king, you need a lot of practice. It’s impossible to master the one touch tapping game just within the first few tries. The longer you play, the better you become, so keep playing and don’t give up!
* Play our endless jumping game as long as you want for FREE!
* Fun and challenging bouncing ball game for every age.
* Simple game control: you only need one touch to control the movement of the moon ball
* Colorful and eye-catching game design.
* Get better with practice. Practice your one touch to be the bounce king!

The sky ball or the moon ball is in trouble. It is trapped in a hostile environment and it needs you to keep it bouncing to stay alive. Tap on your screen to make the ball jump or fall according to the situation. Remember that you have to pass through the rings or the barriers won’t open. The rings might in vertical or horizontal position. This is an endless jumping game so you can continue playing as long as you can keep the bouncing ball from touching the obstacles.


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