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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.



I have this game for pc and ps4 I buy it everywhere I see it, I can never get tired of it, even when I do I always end up coming back because it's addictive. I will always support this game with every DLC as well. The game doesn't need a tutorial just by playing and reading you will know what to do after a while like I did. Keep it up guys maybe you can turn this game into a big franchise I would love to see a open world 3rd person bring survival games back to life! Good luck guys.

This is a great game despite crashes


This game never used to crash for me until recently but it is still a wonderful game. I thought the crashes would change if I played it on my iPad yet it still happens. The game is great but please fix it. I love this game so much.

Doesn’t work!!!


I read the reviews and I bought it thinking it was worth it but it wouldn’t download!! I want my money back!!!!

Tough but worth it


4th try, made it to day 28, then I let him die. I’ve played nonstop for the past 3 days, but it’ll take a while to come back after this.

An idea


A good thing that should be in this game is some kind of custom mode where you can add any character in game to you team. This would be great.

IPhone X


Excellent game, but steel doesn’t work for de iPhone X screen. How much time we need to wait?

2 stars for constructive criticism.

xKoAx Tucker

I have this game on pc, when my players are slightly wounded I let them sleep for the entire day and entire night and they are usually better after being useless for 24-36hrs. This game on the phone is not so like that. I have survived for 13 days using 1 character feeding 2 lazy slightly wounded players. 1 has been wounded since the start of the game the other was hurt in a raid on my house. They have been bed resting literally for 13 days now (maybe 10-11 for the other, since they didn't happen exactly on the same night.) I think this is entirely uncool to have these characters be deemed useless without expensive meds for a slight wound, mine as well let them starve to death which I am considering, just letting them go out and get shot to death or something. They're useless anyway eating all of the dang food and doing nothing. PLEASE Fix this & you'll have my 5 stars. I am also going to be buying frost punk, I know that is a game you're involved in & I am a supporter, just this small thing involving slight wounds not healing without induced surgical methods being involved for a sliver.