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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.



This game is great but it crashes way too much. I have emailed support and they ignored me so I don't think it will ever be fixed. They got my money so transaction done.....

캐릭터 상태


캐릭터들의 상태 문구가 너무 작아 보이질 않은게 단점입니다. 예를들어 조금아픔 배고픔 이런글씨가 너무 작아 진행하는데 문제가 있습니다



I was searching through the game section to see if anything looked interesting and ran across this. I figured ok this could be fun. This game is full of difficult decisions that really got me thinking about the fact that this happens to people all over the world. This game truly touched my heart with it’s realistic situations and so I recommend it to any and everyone.



Have some bug in iphone 7 plz fix it



I have been playing this game for months, and today, I completed it for the first time. Hallelujah, the war is over. Great game. Will play again.

Best game ever!


I was looking for a great survival game and I kould not find one. This was the game I wanted,the price is high but that because this game is amazing. The game makes you do tough things like stealing,and killing people and this makes you feel bad for doing and this is what I would feel like if I was one of the characters I. I love how there is more than 1 story you can play. It’s awesome because all the characters in the game have different skills that help during the game. The locations in the game are interesting and it’s cool that you can help people when you visit locations.this game is just amazing and it’s better with the little ones dlc because it lets you see what it’s like to live in a war as a child.i think this was creative and interesting too see and play as the kids.One thing that you should add to this game is adding in the make your own story mode like it is on the pc and ps4.If you have not heard of this game you need to search and buy it because it’s the best game on the AppStore I have seen so far. Please add the modes that the pc and the ps4. Keep up the great work 11 bit studios.👍



Hey creators of THIS WAR OF MINE I was just playing the game as I thought what a better way to make this into an interactive survival game rather than putting a zombie mode into the game it would be the perfect mix you already have the survival parts down

A review (and mild complaint)

A dweller teller

The game is great and I love the mechanics and story but their is one huge problem for me. It keeps crashing. I’m quite sure it’s not my phone but crashes will happen often for a week or so and stop. Would play it more often but the crashes are annoying especially when the day is almost done. Other then the crashes it’s great. Keep doing what you do dudes.

Glitch way too soon


Day 11 there is a glitch that won't let you go past this day. Not worth it until they fix this.

Fantastic! - Bug in newest update though


***Updated note: Playing the Emilia, Zlata, Kalina storyline. On day 12, when the children come by asking for food (2nd time), there are no options to select. The screen can't be exited out from without selecting an option, so I'm at an impasse in the game. I've only just downloaded and started playing the new content for "The Little Ones". I've been looking forward to this update for a while. This game had me totally enthralled from day one. I love good story lines and this game does not disappoint. Replay-able and thought provoking.

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