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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.



I love this game but you die ALOT

Best game I played this year


This is one of the best games I ever played on iOS and definitely the best one I played this year. It is actually an intense game - intense in a very different way. If you feel confused you can do some search online. There is a wiki for it! (It is for the PC version but the data are the same). If you play with your full heart. At the end you may start to respect the people who fight for your peace.

What an experience

Janae hello kitty

This game is really something special. It's serious, sad, meaningful, and acts with purpose. It is one of those games that while being fun- is more of an experience than a standard game. I recommend it highly

Great potential but too buggy


Hard crashed 5 times and I still have not even made it to day 2. It's unplayable buggy.

I think about this game a lot


I live in Korea currently, and with the political climate the way it is, it seems trivial, but my mind often goes to this game and Sarajevo which it’s based off of. I think about how drastically anyone’s life in a modern country can change in an instant because of war. This game is a powerful lesson.



The constant crashing is slowly making the game less fun.

Game keeps crashing


I had the original version and it worked great, I bought the little ones version, and now the game keeps crashing. It will let me get through a day and then crash.

Top notch IOS Game


I’ve been on a IOS game hunt lately, buying anything that remotely interests me, and I came across this. Never heard of it, but thought it looked interesting for a quick play. Price almost threw me off but I figured for that much it has to be a good game. I was not disappointed in the least. It took me away from every other game I was absorbed in, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Tactics, Morphite, all of those games got quickly thrown to the back burner and I got sucked into this. It’s really good, intense at times, you actually feel like your actions make a difference, and if you don’t plan ahead, it could cost you. It makes the experience really immersive which is hard to find in an IOS game. I have very few issues now and again, but nothing that made me hate the game in the slightest. A few crashes here and there, but that’s it. I see a lot of reviews where people complain about certain things and giving it low stars, don’t read too deeply into those. Most of he complaints come from them not understand some of the game mechanics, and expect their hand to be held. This game won’t do that, you have to teach yourself how to survive, just like you would in real life. You adapt and overcome. If your even slightly thinking of trying this game out, go for it, it’s worth every penny. Enjoy

Game keeps crashing!!

Cheesehead 333335

It looks like a good game I wanted to try it but every time it gets to the house before I can do anything it just closes. I tried restarting and clearing my cache. Still doesn't work. Could I please have my money back.

Crashes A LOT😠☹️

Heaven-Leigh Skyla

I absolutely LOVE this game, but it crashes A LOT and it's really annoying/upsetting. I don't know why this game crashes as much as it does. Everything on my iPad is updated. It crashes mostly when I'm playing and someone fires a gun at my character. Sometimes it will crash for no reason. It's very frustrating...😞