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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Amazing game indeed!


I bought the game almost 2 years ago I believe. Long time ago. It’s one of those games you can’t put down. One of those games That will remain on my iPad. Highly recommend this game. If you die quickly then just try again. You will figure it out. I have played every scenario and I’m really hoping for a part two. Thanks for your time! Good luck!

Very disappointed

Jonnnny 5

This game had an extremely linear story line and almost always ends the same way. It was like playing an expensive version of the Oregon trail. Do not spend this ridiculous amount of money. I wish I could get a refund.


(Mini me)$

Bought this game for iPad a few years ago, Love the game! It's fun, interactive and full of suspense but i stop playing it for a long time because it was in serious need of some bug fixing. I was very excited when I saw there was a new up date for it and jumped on it right away, but since the new up date I now can't get passed the loading screen in fact it don't load at all which makes me fell I should get my money back. But in all honesty I just want to play the game again. So it's a real let down that now I can't play it because it truly is a great game. Hopefully there will be a new update in the future so I can finally play it again.



The game is GREAT and I’ve been playing for hours. I recently got the “The little ones” and am really upset that the interaction with the kids doesn’t work well. I’ve tried two campaigns and get stucked when I try to feed or give some medicine (it repeats the action for the whole day - the child and adult in the interaction won’t do anything else for the whole day). The main game is great, the expansion needs some urgent QA.

Second time writing this


I've already written this review but when I touched 'send', it said my nickname's already taken and this whole review page shut off. Huh! I've played this game just fine until now. Now it's gone wrong and does not even start!

One of the best iOS games I've played


I don't usually write reviews. But this game deserves one. It's highly addictive. And it is so realistic it will have you truly hating yourself for some of the decisions you make. My only complaint is that it is predictable in that, once you play for a while, you can figure out who moves where and when at each location. So it becomes very basic and simple. It would be awesome if they came out with more scenarios and characters and found a way for things to switch it up. But overall, this is a must play.

Love this game for PS4


Updated. Love this game. Thank you! Bought this beautifully depressing game thinking it would look good on the iPhone X... it does not! Please optimize to the X!!

Good but bad update


Amazing game but this recent update dumbed down the interface and made the game a bit less enjoyable.

No sound, no dlc I paid for, no customization


You can NOT custom create a game on the mobile version. This cuts a HUGE amount of replay value out of the game; this game gets redundant after a while without this feature. This app doesn’t produce sound. I purchased the Little Ones DLC and it is NO WHERE in the game. I spent over $17 on this when it should be $5 in it’s current state. Skip this and get the PC version.

Great game

Xbox Batman Master

Awesome game, but with the new update when I’m trading the items I’m using never show up. It’s still playable, just frustrating.

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