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This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise
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Games $2.99 11 bit studios s.a. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Original This War of Mine, one of the most successful indie titles of the last decade, provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle - that of civilians. Father's Promise is a standalone story-driven tale set in the universe of the original game.

It tells a story of family's struggle to preserve the last pieces of humanity in times of despair and cruelty. Become Adam - a father trying to save his daughter from the horrors of war and escape the besieged city. Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate and sacrifice - the emotions we all share in the darkest of days.

The Father's Promise features:
- A harrowing storyline based on an audio-drama by famous Polish author, Łukasz Orbitowski
- Emotionally difficult experience - decisions that are often morally ambiguous
- Crafting, cooking, taking care of people - anything that helps to survive
- Locations exclusively made for this standalone expansion
- Remastered and enhanced visuals from the original This War of Mine


Great Game

This game is incredible but there is only one story. This could easily be better than the original This War of Mine if they add more story. But it is worth it once they add more it will be better.

iPad Pro 11” aspect ratio

How do you just release this game and not have it optimized for the iPad Pro 11”?

Great little story for this great game

I play the original game on Xbox. The stories are not yet available on there, so I bought it for my phone. I prefer the Xbox controls but touch works just fine. Great story, and would be great for people to try before buying the full game. One of my favorite games by far. Can’t wait for more content on Xbox, will be buying it all as soon as it’s released. Thank you 11-bit studios for this amazing and original game.

Great new twist on the original game

Loved ‘This War of Mine’ and I was afraid this would be a paired-down version. Thankfully it’s the same mechanic with the addition of a story/mystery element. There’s only one story (which I’ve finished in short order) but the wording in the app and App Store suggests there might be more stories to come. It’s fairly short but what’s there is really nicely done!

Great game but...

I thought the whole point of making this a separate app instead of adding it as dlc to the original game was because you improved the graphics? But clearly the iOS version is still watered down as there are ZERO rain effects. Why?? Any device with the A8 chip should have no problem handling the better graphics, and of course, the newest devices are even more powerful! There’s really no excuse for not making this port almost identical to the PC version. Also, where is the other dlc story? Please tell me you plan on adding the other stories on iOS for purchase through this app.

Needs work.

Does not fit correctly on the iPhone xr. Otherwise looks and rounds great.

It's just not a good game

Buggy, incredibly slow, poor gameplay makes what could be a harrowing historical fiction game about the horrors of war into a solely frustrating experience. What's more, the complete lack of improvements from its predecessor makes one wonder why in the world this needed to be a separate app. Pass on this one.

Beautiful Story -More Games in the Future?

I know This War of Mine has other stories like The Last Broadcast. Will the others be available IOS soon? I hope so! I particularly enjoyed A Father’s Promise because it felt so much easier than the base game lol. It has all the same things and mechanics I liked about This War of Mine. I had no issue with the length of this game. Yes, it’s short, but it’s still a heart-wrenching story about a father doing everything he can to get back to his little girl. People should definitely play this game.

Please release more stories soon!

This was wonderful. I’ve loved the base game for years and I’m thrilled to see more quality content.


This game is a great one, I was estates when the new one came out and I’ve been playing the OG one for along time.

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