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Easily discover the best of what Phoenix has to offer! From the most popular live music venues to the best local destinations for a weekend family hike, our Things to Do app provides you with top recommendations to get out and experience the best events and experiences occurring in and around the city!
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Our expert editors and reporters from The Arizona Republic have done the homework for you. Their “best of” recommendations will inspire you to make the most of your free time.
Enjoy curated lists providing top food and dining options, complete with descriptions and photographs.
Discover some of the best places in town to visit for a weekend getaway.
Check out our expert’s recommendations for family-friendly activities, and so much more!


Barren wasteland.....
Nitro Eagle Fist

.....when it come to any diversity for current PHX Metro and Arizona event / local information applications. There are scant few, then along comes this little gem. Time will tell if it gains traction, for now it is on the right path.

Relevant Events

Good app, but there none absolutely zero events for 911?! Hello....major events going on in every city and this has nothing. Come on...let's get relevant with this thing.

Great APP!!

This is a great app!! I use it almost every weekend. I'm a very outgoing person and this app helps me find something fun to do!

AZ central Lover
Az lover 2017

This app is a joke. Here's a tip: HAVE AN ACTUAL LIST OF THINGS TO DO. Today is cinco de mayo & there is not one article lists local events. The most recent article is a week old. My suggestion suggestion is look at the az central site and browse. This wanna be app is NOT a true reflection! (Look for yourself)


The app does not open

Love it

Love it Jest wish it had things to do all around Az and not jest Phx. like in other cities in Az like Prescott , Cottonwood ,Jerome, clarkdale or eager ,globe ,king man or tombstone that way day trips and bike rides would be easier to plan out for us. We love to see a new city in Az once a week but it’s hard to plan it cause every city is different as far as best times to be there for the “party “ as the kids say and some r jest to small.