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Easily discover the best of what Nashville has to offer! From the most popular live music venues to the best local destinations for a weekend family hike, our Things to Do app provides you with top recommendations to get out and experience the best events and experiences occurring in and around the city!
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* Our expert editors and reporters from The Tennessean have done the homework for you. Their “best of” recommendations will inspire you to make the most of your free time.
* Enjoy curated lists providing top food and dining options, complete with descriptions and photographs.
* Discover some of the best places in town to visit for a weekend getaway.
* Check out our expert’s recommendations for family-friendly activities, and so much more!


Never updated

Every time I open this app, all of the articles are at least 5 days or older. Sort of defeats the point of this app when the articles are only released one day before or even the day of an event.

Cautious optimism?
Recovering Windoze geek

Just downloaded it and the app crashes whenever I tap the Profile button otherwise seems to work okay. It does collect what's happening in the area very nicely even if interspersed with advertising.

It didn't work

The app didn't finish downloading. It's on my phone but won't let me open it, delete it or finish the download.

No follow thru

When I get a pop up notification of a specific event and click on it, it doesn't open up on the event in the notification and I can never find it. Lame

Was great. Stinks now

Used to have great ideas for things to do. Now has reruns of newspaper stories from two weeks ago. Worthless. Deleted it from my phone. Poor imitation of Yelp. Just use Yelp.

Was once great, now crap

This app was great before they let go of the girl who wrote their Things To Do Content and they stopped updating for about a month. Now all they do is push Mrs. Cheap content to this app as well as anything remotely Nashville to keep up appearances that it’s being updated. This was my favorite app and now I’ve deleted it because it’s a waste of my time.