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Easily discover the best of what Indianapolis has to offer! From the most popular live music venues to the best local destinations for a weekend family hike, our Things to Do app provides you with top recommendations to get out and experience the best events and experiences occurring in and around the city!
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* Our expert editors and reporters from The Indianapolis Star have done the homework for you. Their “best of” recommendations will inspire you to make the most of your free time.
* Enjoy curated lists providing top food and dining options, complete with descriptions and photographs.
* Discover some of the best places in town to visit for a weekend getaway.
* Check out our expert’s recommendations for family-friendly activities, and so much more!


Almost perfect...

5 stars if they can stop the ads from automatically taken you off the page to Safari.

Just what I needed
Bored in Indianapolis

This app is perfect! It's so easy to use and has tons of stuff to do. From live music to sporting events to happy hours, I'll never be bored in this city again!


I doesn't even have the Broadripple art fair listed three days before the event?

DoStuff Media/Do317 App Much Better

Download the DoStuff Media app if you're actually looking for everything to do in Indy. All the giveaways, RSVPs, interesting news, maps, and updates in a much more polished format. #JustSayin Don't just "do Indy," #DoIndyRight!

Very well done and love the balance of content

Seems very comprehensive with great discoveries and very nice selection of events. It's my new go to for sure. Thanks

Missing events
Concerned Hoosier

How can an app that is supposed to show the events in Indy not even show the Pacers games? This makes no sense. I wonder what else is missing.

Please go back to the original version.

This app is SO confusing now since it's last update. There used to be a nice calendar of what was going on in Indy based on the day. That was the best part of the app and now it's totally gone. Very disappointed in the app now.

No Events Calender!?

Why did you remove the events calendar? We used it several times a week. This site has little value without it. Please put back the events calendar.

What happened to the event calendar?

Newest update got rid of the app calendar. App is useless now! Before you could look up events based on a specific day and now it's gone.


You have to browse through tons of content, some months old and some new, to find out what is current for events. Bring back the calendar so I can see what's going on TODAY!