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The Wild Wolf Life Simulator 2

Enjoy the wild wolf life and see how to survive in the safari jungle. There are different types of wild animals around the forest that are attack on their family and newborns. The wolf protects the family and saves their lives from the angry animals. Take care of your family and save them from other wild animals. The wolf hunts wild creatures very cleverly and saves yourself from the other big animals. He will find food in the dangerous jungle for his newborn. The wolf game is based on an animal life adventure where he lives with his family. You will enjoy multiple stunning and thrilling survival scenes in this game. The wild wolf hunts small animals for your newborn and eats them. After some time, the clan of the angry wolf will attack on the virtual family. Now the wolf take revenge from the enemies to chase and kill them. The environment of the Savanna safari is very attractive and easy gameplay. You will see that wolf how to hunt wild animals & survive in the jungle with your partner in this game.
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Games Fatima Ahmed iPhone, iPad, iPod

Main Key Features
• Save your newborn from other angry animals
• Fight with wild animals to do protect of your family
• Hunt for multiple small animals to eat
• Amazing animation and attractive gameplay
• High quality graphics with 3d environment of the safari jungle


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