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Reference Free Judith Weberman iPhone, iPad, iPod

The "Torah" is the most sacred writing in Judaism.
The torah is divided into five books, whose names in Hebrew are Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidvar and Devarim. We are happy to introduce "The Torah" for the Iphone. The text is in hebrew.

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Still waiting

Needs improvement. Needs an index by parashat hashavua. Can't enlarge the font. It won't turn sideways (which is one way I use to enlarge the font.)

what else can you ask for in your life?

A Pocket Torah..good job!!

Nathaniel and Dayva

Can't find anything. Text is too small. No genesis, Deuteronomy, etc just terrible

What more do you want?

It's a Chumash for less than a buck. Awesome! Contrary to the review below, all five books are there.

English - What English?

Although the description lists English as a language - the Torah is presented only in Hebrew only. The only English I saw was in titles.

great app

this app is great but would still be alot better with english translation and maby some rashi

Finally! A pocket Torah!

It's great I love it!


I'm not Jewish but this app works great. And Hebrew looks really cool. Overall it's great from a non Jewish point of view

Completely Awesome

The english version is available in numerous other apps. But this is the first time Ive found the Hebrew. The font is a little small, but Im assuming that this can easily be fixed in an update to the app. One question: does anyone know if this is based on the Aleppo codex or the Lenningrad codex? Theres nothing like reading it in the original language! All Im missing now is the Nevim and Ketuvim.

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