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The Sailor’s Dream

A peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity.
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Games $3.99 Simogo AB iPhone, iPad, iPod

Explore an ocean dream world, in which time passes even when you are not there, visit forgotten islands and piece together memories – some even existing beyond the screen of your device.

“The Sailor’s Dream is a novella, a folk EP, and an art installation wrapped into one app ... It’s an inspired example of what storytelling can be in the 21st century and the way modern technology can shine new light on well-worn conventions.” - A.V. Club

“Its lonely, bittersweet tale—told in a wonderfully unique mix of approaches—is the best storytelling I've ever played on my iPad.” - Kotaku

“It's an experience that's entirely about the narrative, but one uniquely built for smartphones and tablets. The peaceful visuals, the wonderful music, the sharp writing, and the simple interactive toys all go towards creating an atmosphere and telling a story.” - The Verge

“... you can easily wander for hours through The Sailor’s Dream making music, playing it not like a game, but as an instrument ... If you are looking for a space to contemplate, a place to linger, a path to walk in patient consideration, you will find yourself at home in The Sailor’s Dream for quite some time.” - Kill Screen

“A world-in-miniature put in the palm of your hands, which rewards you for your exploration of it with sensory delight. And perhaps most powerfully of all, pushes you to feel deeply for its inhabitants.” - Gamezebo


Beautiful, but there is no sound.

Beautiful, but there is no sound. Edit: sound through headphones but not phone speaker. Odd, and inconvenient.

Literally worthless

I just worked through this in 5 minutes. And I read everything. Is this a joke?

Nice, relaxing story app

This app is a beautifully designed work of art. It’s a collection of intriguing memories meant to be patiently explored and pieced together into a whole story at the very end. I find this concept very relaxing and interesting at the same time. I think it would have been better if all the musical “toys” in the game, like the hanging cubes and the cool stuff in the observatory actually had a purpose to advance the story. I found myself going back and forth between them, trying to figure out what they were supposed to change in the game, only to find out later that they had no purpose except to be played with. I can forgive this because the app is so darn beautiful.

The Sailor’s Dream

Thank you for this.

Excellent Zen Game

An excellent use of my money and time. 100

Gorgeous dioramas

It's just incredibly beautiful. Granted, it's not much of a game, but within its limited scope there's superlative artistry. From the meticulously detailed rooms to the enchanting, tinkling aural elements, this is clearly a lovingly-crafted world. Considering the uninspired, derivative, cookie-cutter games which make up 99% of the app store, this is one of the best diversions you can get.


This game looks very beautiful, but I did not find the content to be worth the money. There is a lot to look at but not a lot to do. I was very disappointed.

Stunning and entertaining

This is legitimately one of the most beautiful and incredible apps I've ever downloaded. It's less of a game and more a story. It's absolutely beautifully written, the soundtrack is GORGEOUS, and the graphics are stunning. It might not be traditional but it was worth every cent of my money.

A work of art

This isn't a game so much as a world that has a story tucked in and around it. Beautiful to the eyes, the ears, and the mind. Lots of little toys to play with, too. Time matters. (Remember, your tablet is a TARDIS!) Collect the songs and memories. Go.

Will not open
Greyhound George

Ok, it's only 399, but it won't even open for me. No way to get support. Might as well have flushed $4 down the toilet. 😡