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The Fantasy Footballers Wheel of Water

The Fantasy Footballers podcast brings you the Wheel of Water! Lose a bet? Get wet! Spin the Water Wheel and you'll be flooded with different ways to horribly embarrass and drench your friends with a cup of water. The perfect way to punish one another for making ridiculous bets and wagers and getting them dead wrong. Lose a game of ping-pong? Get wet. Lose a sports bet? Get wet.
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Sports Free Engaging Media LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

The possibilities to pour-it-on are endless in this immersive app, the perfect companion for friends who love to make stupid bets and dish out even stupid(er) punishments. Grab it now and be ready to drown your friends at a moments notice. Use the hashtag #WheelOfWater on Twitter if you happen to capture any of the waterings on video! We would love to mock your friends right along with you!

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