The Dayton Daily News ePaper Reviews

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The Dayton Daily News ePaper is free iOS app published by Ohio Newspapers, Inc

Keeps prompting for login


This app doesn't work. It goes into an infinite loop asking you to log in, but never lets you actually read the paper.

Useless and CS is useless; Zero stars!

Sol addict in Ohio

After using for months login is blocked AGAIN. Took 4 days for CS to respond. They've asked me to not use private browsing, to allow cookies, and to allow ad tracking. Gee, give up all my privacy?! So I tried that and reloaded app. Still no joy.

Ok, when it works...just don't expect it to work


I have been using this app for almost a year and have provided feedback on multiple occasions. As my concerns have never been addressed... Issues - sign in loop. For no apparent reason, application will prompt user to authentic. Upon authentication, application with prompt again and again and again. Rendering of content looks fine in page view, but double-tap an article and rendering results in words spelled wrong, strange hyphenation, often sentences are garbled.

Opens but....


Used to work just fine. It now opens, but only partially, not allowing you to view the pages. Just keeps saying "loading". Needs work.

Amazing how I'm paying you for this!!!!


I find it interesting that to view my digital subscription that I pay you for will not allow me to view the content of the newspaper on my iPad. Tell me why Dayton Daily do you believe I should keep paying 9.99 to read the paper when I can't read the paper because the software you developed for the app does not work properly. Cancelling my subscription.

Could be Better


Generally getting the paper this way has been very good, however at times it fails to download, you cannot print articles readily from this method of reading, and I've had to delete the entire app and download it again to get it to function. Other than that, the Dayton Daily News beats the Cincinnati Enquirer in every way!

Good when it works


For the third time in the same number of years the app won't accept my password, even though the password works fine in a web browser. Yes, I have uninstalled the app. Yes, reset the iPad and then reinstalled the app. Maybe with the next update it will let me access the paper on the app again.

doesn't work


This app won't open - just spins and tells me "loading". I feel ripped off since I'm paying for this app as part of my subscription. I have even deleted it and reinstalled but nothing. Should be a zero star since it doesn't work.


Tiger on 6985

Since the last update, it crashes every day at least once

Could be a lot better


Often fails to load the current version of the paper. Don't think they ever update the app. Not any better than home delivery which is often problematic. If you can't deliver electronically or in person, why have a newspaper?