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President Joe Biden:
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The wisdom of His Majesty Mr. Biden is proven by the years of experience and determination to win. Take the chance with him to be the winner.

Features :
- Joe Biden is so easy to talk to
- He can remind you some details of his impressive speeches.
- Joe Biden travels through the lights of big cities.
- He flies in the blue-blue sky.

President Barack Obama:

Mr. Obama is smart, strong and gracious. You’d better try to have a cup of coffee with him and read the latest news.

- Talk to Mr. Obama.
- Obama protects US flag.
- Flies with a jetpack.
- and plays drums.

President Vladimir Putin:


- Talk to Mr. Putin.
- Putin dances Kalinka.
- Putin plays sports.
- and practices kung fu.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi:

Ciao! Mr. Berlusconi is here to entertain you like presidents Putin and Obama. In the main scene you are in Mr. Berlusconi’s private office with a window view straight to Pisa tower and other presidents tease him right from behind of his window.

- Scenes with participation of other famous politicians,
- Make Mr. Berlusconi react on your screen taps and voice.


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