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Get a Real US Phone numbers for FREE. Unlimited texting & calling to US+Canada!
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【Highlight Features】
- Get a U.S. phone number in any area code.
- Send unlimited SMS / Pictures.
- Call to US & CA if you have WiFi or 4G data.
- Receive incoming calls & text from anyone, in ANY country.
- Free Voicemail: if no one answers your call.
- Other Awesome advanced Features includes:
Message Preview
Auto-Call Recording - Incoming & Outgoing Calls
Do not Disturb
Blocklist - block any unwanted call & text
- International Calling: to any mobile or landline numbers over 200+ countries supported!

*Turn your iPad or other iOS Devices into a phone! All you need is the Internet. BOOM! iPad just became a better iPhone!

*No need to change SIM cards or switch phone companies to enjoy.

*With TextOne, No more SIM cards, no more separate phones.
Carrying two or more cell phones will soon be a thing of the past.

【TextOne phone number USE CASES 】
- Emergency: Get a 2nd phone number to stay connected when your phone is out of service.
- When you Traveling Overseas. Your friends in the U.S. can reach you without paying outrageous roaming charges.
- Online dating
- New Job searches, multiple business lines, or temporary projects
- Buying or selling
- Private conversations, secret texts, or anonymous texting
- For salespeople, startups, for web forms, deliveries and other cases.
- A temporary number or burner number for prank calls.

【Why TextOne?】
- Having a private number app for anonymous texting or calling is vital for your privacy!
- Callers will only ever see your 2nd phone number, keeping your main number anonymous and private.

- “Burn” the number with just a click so you no longer receive calls and texts.You can get a new one with the same features at any time!

- Calling & Texting via Wifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you don't get hit with expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay as you go.

TextOne - The best choice for 2 lines users.
Pick a personalized new phone number to enjoy unlimited local and international texts and calls now!

For more inquiries, Contact us at: [email protected]


Hmmm not working anymore

Yo tenia esta app y funcionaba de lo mejor pero un tiempo para acá ya no se puede uno meter porque sale NETWORK BUSY TRY AGAIN ,, espero y lo arreglen porque me gusta mucho


Used to work. Unusable now due to the constant server busy error.

Worked, until Network Busy error

App worked fine, until it stoped functioning with “Network Busy, please try again later”. Same error when you try to reset your password, sign in or do anything. Contacted support TWICE, with zero response. Uninstalling and not going back...

Not what it use to be

This app was the greatest app on ios. Gave you the option to have multiple numbers on one phone and by far the best call recording app in the store but sadly after the most recent update cannot send text messages. Cannot use the burner number option because network is busy. Cant even create a new login. App was at the top now slowly losing its place soon to be deleted if nothing is done to fix.

APP not functions at all

Got rid off it Not able to sign in after sign out Network errors all the time Support never answer any of my emails!!


I used to love this app BUT.... they made an update about two months ago and will not send any messages. Brings up an error.... I’ve send 8 messages to try and get it straightened out and even included email and phone number for them to send me an update in regards to why the app wasn’t working. You can still make calls but no text messages.

Not working any more

Just a couple months ago this app is not working any more in my Iphone. It kicked me out and now when I try log in a message saying “Server busy” pops up and nothing happens. It is sad because it was good while worked.?

Not a review
Keep Trying33

This is not an actual review. The three days I have been trying to get a number and I keep getting, “network busy, please try again later”. Not sure if it is a glitch or what but I hope it is corrected soon so I can actually post a review on this app. Thanks in advance for the help with this matter

Stopped working

This app was the best burner app I found because it was actually free. But it stopped working a few weeks ago. It will no longer allow me to send or receive texts, I cannot burn my number for a new one anymore either. I get a pop up saying network error try again later. I logged off and tried to log back in to see if that would correct the problem but I get the same pop up...Network Error try again later! I’ve tried every day for several weeks now with no success. I noticed the last update was 4 months ago. It either needs to be updated or is no longer being maintained. Huge upset because I travel all over the country for work and always got a new number with the local area code for the area I was in. If the app is updated and begins to work again I will update my review with 5 stars.