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Text Mess - turn your messages into art

Get ready to craft the sweetest greetings, funniest replies and most creative messages ever! Text Mess turns your words and emojis into beautiful stickers for iMessage. You can even save your creations to photos and share on your favorite social network.
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Stickers $1.99 Masala Games Private Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Please don't give 1-star reviews because you can't find the app
It won't show up on the home screen because it is an iMessage app.
You can find it inside iMessage after you enable it.
Please see http://howto.textmess.ooo

How does it work?
Hit the + button to start a new sticker
Type your words and emojis with spaces between them
Choose a shape, font, color and arrangement
Hit Generate and watch your magical creation come to life!
Send it as a message, sticker or save to Photos

Your friends can tap your message and edit your creation.

Teachers and Parents - use this as an engaging tool to build your kids' vocabulary!

Text Mess has been lovingly crafted by ex-Pixar artist Shalin Shodhan. He is currently a one-man-studio making his own apps and games. Before Text Mess, Shalin made the hit iOS game Word Mess-which has over 600,000 downloads and has been the #1 word game in 40 countries! At Pixar Animation Studios, Shalin worked on 6 films from Toy Story 3 to Finding Dory. He also worked on the game Spore at Electronic Arts and was a senior game developer on the brain training app Lumosity.

Say hi to @ShalinShodhan on twitter
Visit: www.textmess.ooo
Email: [email protected]


Fun, But Limited

The app functions well, but has limitations. 1) Color palettes selection is very limited and you can’t create your own — so this is not for creating anything that needs to stay on-brand 2) This is the BIG Issue — images have hideous white background. I would use this more if the resulting images were png’s with transparent backgrounds. — Then I could text to myself to use in other apps, like Canva or Spark. Overall, the app works as described.

AwEsOmE ApP!

It’s my new favorite app. Now I can deliver personalized messages with a creative twist!


This app is amazing except for the fact that you cannot delete old stickers you don’t like. And I have a suggestion how about you have an option were you can choose the color you use instead of having prepicked ones besides that AWSOME!!! Thanks for reading??

From 1 to 5 stars

I like many others have unfairly given Text Mess and other iMessage only apps low ratings. Apple did a nice job promoting this new functionality for iMessage but a poor job educating users how this new class of stand alone iMessage only Apps differ from standard Apps that include the iMessage feature. For example there’s no icon, no results in a Spotlight Search and it can’t be found in Notifications. That leads to a panic response and the need to delete the invisible App lurking in our devices. I still haven’t looked into how to delete iMessage only apps if I wanted to. As far as Text Mess is concerned, it’s unique among Apps and works well. I’ve had many people ask me about pictures sent from Text Mess. It’s certainly worthy of 5 stars.


I can't stop making word clouds! Can you add instagram filters too? Beautiful app!

So cool!

This is such a great idea! Its like creating personalized art with a click of a button. I can imagine putting some of these up on the wall. The user experience is also really straightforward and easy to use. Love it!

Love it!

Super cool app. With many shapes and fonts, it's a great way to send message stickers to family and friends! :)

Not very intuitive

First you have to find this thing, which is kind of odd. Then even, it's not very intuitive, and you have to experiment to try to dial it in yourself. It doesn't seem to work with all of your contacts. Still don't know how to work it when your contact is in red at the top, 'cause when it's red, you can't do it! Dev must make this easier to play with. Also, there needs to be more options with the designs you can use, but I understand that may happen when or if this app gets more popular. When you receive a sticker, and you enlarge it, it becomes jagged also. Don't like that. At this point in time, to me, this is just 'meh'.? Has good possibilities, though!

Super fun and precise way to communicate

I do not like texting much. Textmess made it easy, and fun for me. It is a very colorful and descriptive way to convey precise and effective messages. Fun when used in groups

Loving it!

Fantastic concept! Finally something new and refreshing, a positive change - was bored of the standard emoticons. I can express myself way better! Also, who cares about the extra step? With finger touch it hardly matters. Care more about creativity .