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Terraria is paid iOS app published by 505 Games (US), Inc.

Best Game Ever


Terraria Is Honestly The Best Game I’ve Ever Played It’s So Satisfying How You Go From Wood Armor And A Lead Sword Fighting Demon Eyes Outside Your House To Beetle Armor, A Solar Eruption And Preparing To Fight The Moonlord I Love Fighting The Bosses When You’re About To Win A Long Hard Boss Fight It Just Fills You With Determination To Beat The Game And The Satisfaction Of Beating Bosses Like Duke Fishron And Skeletron Prime Is Just Something You Can’t Recreate I Will Admit Though Once You Beat The Game It Gets A Little Boring However You Can Replay The Game On Harder Difficulties Such As Mediumcore, Hardcore, Expert, And Master Mode And If You’re Not Into That You Can Just Play It Again On Softcore Classic My Personal Favorite Thing To Do When I Beat The Game Is Try To Collect All The Pets, Mounts, And Light Pets Which Is A Lot More Challenging Than It Sounds. I Personally Recommend Every Person Play This Game Because It’s Just The Best. So Get Off You’re Butt And Get $5 And Buy The Game. Also Terraria Is Not 2D Minecraft.


Developers need to update!!


Please update the game so that iOS can connect with steam terraria again

Great Game!


I have been playing terraria for a while now and I really enjoy it! I play in a more casual way. I like exploring and building. Along with many other people I was upset with the confusing control change. I still don’t know what some of the buttons do! Also it’s kind of gory sometimes. I don’t think this current age rating is accurate. I think turning gore off just changes death animations? But overall I would totally recommend it!!



So I started playing this game in 2017 and loved it, Re-Logic did a good job making the game and all the other helpers! I suggest to try it out and see if you like it!

It’s been I long time


I have been playing this game since 2014; Through the past 7 years I have been enjoying every second of this game and would recommend Terraria to everyone else!


coool player

Every time there’s a update it’s a year late to mobile don’t get me started on the 3ds version it’s honestly sad also all the events are the same .

Favorite game


Okay. Let me just start by saying Terraria is my childhood. I have been playing since I was young and it has sparked so many memories. I even met my best friend over Terraria. And about the quality of the game. I’ve heard countless people saying “It’s just 2d Minecraft!” No offense to Minecraft(Minecraft is a good game), but Minecraft in comparison to this game is about the size and quality of half a worm. Terraria has so many elements to the gameplay, so many different blocks, so many enemies and bosses and events and NPCs, It has never failed to blow my mind. And despite the fact that it’s pixelated, it has great graphics. What’s funny is that I’ve never even been in hardmode which is like eighty percent of the game, which is saying something. (I’ve never been in hardmode because in my previous playthroughs, I probably got distracted by a different game or the phone stopped working or something.) it’s such a big game with such good quality of gameplay. I also really like the Mobile controls. I’ve played on Console and Pc, and I definitely prefer these controls. Easy to learn and easy to master. I would definitely recommend this game. Although it’s cheaper on mobile and the controls are really good, the overall quality of the game is better on Pc. So, if you have a Pc and can afford the price, get it on there instead. I’ve heard the controls are pretty good on there too. As for mobile(which I prefer cause I don’t have a Pc anyways, I’ve only played it on my friend’s Pc) I would definitely recommend buying it. Really good game, and have a good day, gamers! Happy trails and good luck!

Amazing game


I remember playing this when I was 7 with my siblings it was fun then and fun now and the fact that the1.3 update came out on my birthday made me cry in joy that was the happiest moment of my life and the gameplay is amazing and the controls after a while you get used to them but it would be nice to switch to old controls and the game in general is good you can do a lot of things and if your bored try to find a way to break the game and journey mode makes it super fun mostly because you can do anything like our your npcs up against bosses with no problem or just seeing how you will survive with 10x spawn rate overall this game is Awsome I have no idea what I would do if it did not exist in mobile. And thank you for making a game that is amazing



Great game just wish it was easier to play multiplayer Like why do you need to be on the same network to play with each other you don't need that for other games make like and add friends system where I can just add my buddy through text then we just hop into the same world. I Don't even know if its possible to play multiplayer with someone else on mobile without being on the same wifi or same device because there is no info anywhere about I beg just make a simple easy to use system to play with friends from mobile on a different network with any other device