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"... this puzzler's pure gold." • App Store Editors' Notes
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Games Free Frosty Pop Games Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

"... the potential to become a real classic in the genre of skill games... definitely a thumbs up..." • Appgefahren

"...deceptively challenging..." • Gamezebo

"... another entertaining game [ from The Frosty Pop Corps ]..." • Touch Arcade

A ball, a platform, and a hole. Mundane as individual forms, yet in concert together: magical. With *no ads*, Teeter is a beautiful combination of impeccable design and innovative game mechanics that provide players with a singular experience found on the App Store.

Once you get past the derivative subtitle, you'll find a game of whimsy and delight, with enhanced controls for 3D Touch supported devices. And don't forget to shake your phone for a surprise!

Guiding a ball into a hole has never been more innovative, challenging, or super fun.

Oxford comma for the win!


• No ads
• 3D Touch enhanced
• Fun and unique balance mechanic
• 120 levels
• Sweet and accurate physics
• Easter egg (shake your phone)
• Beautiful graphic design
• Compete with your friends for highest level
• Simple tap and hold controls


I’m not sure

I like it but at the same time it’s annoyingly addictive and difficult, so I’m not sure what to think. This is definitely a puzzle and it took me like five minutes to get to level 1 so I’ll say I like it.(It starts at level 0 by the way)

The worst

Simply the worst game I've ever played!!!!!

Trying to make improvements

Do not buy unless you want to waste your $!

Overall good game

The game is based on physics and it does a good job with it. Goal is to have the ball to the hole to pass through to progress. More you go through, the harder it will be. Its a good pass time game. It could be nice to have different colors for the ball and other things to make it pop better with the background or just have a setting to change it for someones preference. Maybe having a picture from someones phone pict gallery to be the background. Overall its a great game.

Disappointing and buggy
Deleted this app

Not much to say here, I could see this game doing much better (or at least have a larger appeal) if it were free and many of the bugs/glitches could be over looked however for what it currently is do your self a favor by saving your time and money


Challenging and highly addictive.

Good but hope theres updates

Nice game to play but I'm hoping for the following updates. Unless reset option in the level. Pick previous levels from a menu. Little Less exact to win. More creative backgrounds.

Fun game with a great name

I bought the game because it's my last name, after playing for 7 min I actually started to enjoy it,, all in all it's worth the dollar



Addictive game

Game starts easy and quickly becomes increasingly difficult. A good way to turn off the day, requires full concentration while at the same time surprisingly relaxing. When you hit a level that stumps you simply walk away and try again later. Teeter is fast becoming one of my favorite games.