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The Best Present for your adorable children!
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#2 Free Kids Game in U.S. AppStore

Let’s cut, sew, make and take photos with your very own playful, cuddly Teddy Bear!
Teddy Bear Maker provides valuable time for your family, children and YOU

Simple and easy to make it for Kids!
Let’s try together!

Step 1. 15 different patterns are ready in the Teddy Bear Maker. Pick one pattern you like.

Step 2. Cut and sew the Teddy Bear pattern, and fill the cotton inside, then you will have a normal bear doll.

Step 3. Time to make it your own! Teddy Bear Maker has 70 different costumes and more than 100 accessories and 30 props for you.

Tada! You could make more than 1million unique style Teddies! Amazing, isn’t it?

Step 4. Beautifully decorate your Teddy Bear and give her(him) a name! Now you completed to make your own Teddy Bear.

Step 5. Make a good memory with your Teddy. Play and take photos with her(him).


Are you ready to brag your lovely Teddy to your friends?
- You can post the photos with Teddy on facebook or send it by email.
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Your wishes may come true

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His game is go cool

It is fun because you can make a bear i had this game for 2years a I love it

Why did this stop working!!!!

My daughter loves this app BUT coin purchases have stopped working! I contacted the developers and Apple and have yet to get my refund! Very frustrating. Please fix the app. Calling Apple today to get refunds. Ugh.

Love this game

I love stuffed animals and this game is great but you should add a feature where we can make our teddy bears alive and feed them,play with them,and even put them to sleep.If you do I will be happy. Thanks!🙂🙃😀😊😃😄

Great app!!
My type of game!!!!!!!

ILOVE THiS!its fun2me cause it reminds me of the old build a bear workshop ! Oh good memories of being 6and7!

Ok but...
Wierd duck

Boring and you cannot save your bear.


It won't let me put the bear on Any of my pics and I can't take a picture with it... Please fix!!!! Other than that, it's a great app!

Great game
R. A. F.

It's a very fun game! I love it!

Really fun awesome game
Snuggg bugg

Omg this game is awesome it's almost like being at build a bear workshop

Bat fan24

Awesome, but can't take picture with my bear. PLEASE FIX!

Please fix!!

Great app but I can't send a bear in for the contest!?