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Test your reflexes in this addictive game of skill! Tap the red targets as quickly as possible to score huge combos! Avoid all other targets! Grab one-ups to extend your gameplay!
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Games Free Jason Clardy iPhone, iPad, iPod

This is the lite version of TargetTap which includes one game mode and is ad supported. The full version features 3 other game modes along with a split-screen 2-player versus mode on the iPad.


Great app!!!

This is one of my favorites apps I like it! Really cool! the full version is better than this one.. just try it!!


Crashes the second I open it..... please fix....

Yonnahana Flores Gomez

It's a great game. I enjoy playing it and my smaller sister too. The free version that I have it's good but it will be Good that it would have what levels like easy, medium, or hard. But the rest it's good. :)

Fun little time Easter.

Fun little time wasted.

Passes the time

Performs it's function perfectly: amusement

Pointless fun. :)
ME not YOU

It's an addictive little game. Compare to: dactyl.

Great app - minor problem

This is a great app. I'm looking foward to playing the full version. For the person that reports app crashing, you need to update to 4.2.1 to get the last vesion to work. Only one minor problem. When you open the app for the first time, you can tap 2 targets at the same time, but if you check online scores directly from the app(game center), you kind of lose that ability. Am playing in an iphone 4 software 4.2.1, please check out this issue, not really a big problem, still awesome app.

Target tap lite
Aaron b 413

This only provides a small amount of fun not really worth downloading.

Jeff Perez

My boyfriend and I lovee this gaaaame!

Joys man

Cute game....keeps you busy.

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