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Are you quick on your toes? Are you color blind? Find out with Tap Four!
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Games Free Nobutaka Chiang iPhone, iPad, iPod

Tap on the color that best matches the center button! You're going against the clock to prove you've gone the keenest eyes and fastest reflexes of all your friends!


Played TapFour! While waiting for my coffee

That's what I did this morning!

So ADDICTIVE!! Didn't realize I'm colorblind to green!?

Wow, quick fun and mesmerizing! Love playing this on my commute, determined to get the highest score!!!!

Cool game!

I love colors and I love being competitive so this is the best of both worlds!

Great job!!

Really it's a great top four game I just love this game thanks for developer to make this game .

Fun game !!!
Cute Lol Doll777

I love it , addictive and color , graphics are just awesome ...!