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Tanks Fire Up:pocket wars hero

Prepare yourself for the stunning adventure in the world of epic tank battles.
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Games Free Jianfu Wang iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hop into a tank and immerse yourself in a world of furious tank battles.Exciting and swiftly battles won't give you a time for thinking!

Unlock your tank and become stronger, faster, and deadlier.
Take out your enemies with missile, laser and other unexpected props.

Battle for your honor and experience epic, such as scale exciting tank games.


el taha

Great controling. No bugs. Great game.


Number 1

love it
timi Tom

love it,good game.

First to get.

First one to get and review it.


This is best app ever, and I just got it and just played it, I really think people going love this tank game. Reminds me of tanks hero . For people who are bored, Download this I recommend it .

Okay game

First off this game actually is pretty fun. But has multiple issues. Sometimes, buttons will just not work after pressing them, occasionally the entire game locks up where you can’t do anything which you can fix by restarting. Tutorial sometimes glitches where it stops letting you do anything. The worst issue is how many ads there are. There’s way too many ads popping in your face, at the bottom of the screen, and covering the entire screen.

Great design!

At first I didn't feel very good at operation. But when I was familiar with it, I found that the design of the operation was really great, much better than most of the tank games I played, I gave 5 stars!

Want to buy a tank

Those 3 tanks that need to be bought are too powerful. Unfortunately, they need a lot of gold coins to buy them. Now I am trying to save gold coins. Why don't you buy them directly in US dollars?

Awesome game ignore the bad comments

The game is phenomenal. Lots of people are saying that it is impossible to beat the CPU because they don't miss but that is part of the game that makes it difficult. It is possible to beat the CPU... I have done it many times.

Best game ever

I love this game but one thing that bothers me .The points are so hard to get.

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