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Prepare yourself for the stunning adventure in the world of epic tank battles.
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Games Free Jianfu Wang iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hop into a tank and immerse yourself in a world of furious tank battles.Exciting and swiftly battles won't give you a time for thinking!

Unlock your tank and become stronger, faster, and deadlier.
Take out your enemies with missile, laser and other unexpected props.

Battle for your honor and experience epic, such as scale exciting tank games.


Great Game
rfaorang21 at aol . Com

Easy to learn good to just pick up and play

Not a great game to play.

After seeing some of these reviews I thought the game would be fun to check out. Apparently not. The game is really unfair. First of all is the enemies aim is too good. Wait why am I complaining about Good aim from enemies. Well it’s because of the terrible game design. Some levels stray bullets would fly randomly and hit you without any warning. Purple tanks are too op do to how fast they shoot. There is a level gimmick where there is areas where you can’t see bullets flying and your health bar. Also you yourself can’t snipe enemies because your bullets do no damage when you shoot tanks offscreen. There are some levels where ask,”Did the developers test these levels themselves”? An example would be three star challenges where some of the levels require to collect all coins even though some areas are restricted and you can’t even collect the coins. The “upgrades are basically 3 other tanks which are just weapon modifications. There is no health or speed upgrades which would be really helpful but apparently not. You can only take 4 hits which is really dumb because sometimes you can instantly die with just one attack. The pacing is messed up where some later levels are easy while some mid game levels are plain hard or impossible to do with a regular tank. The only reason why this gets a two star is because you have the option to skip levels. Ps: The pictures on this page does not match the gameplay that comes along with this. Same goes with the title.

sore monkey

I love the game because it has tanks and tanks are the best

Pros and cons
fins up, wings cut

Good game. Just wish I could earn coins faster to upgrade tank..

Good game

Nice game

Upgrade the tanks

This game is ok They should have made it to where you can level up your tanks So you could defeat the bosses on the boss levels.. other then that I like it

blake boehman

It is thrilling fun and still makes you use your brain highly recommended

Great game with a few issues

Great game! Works like a charm! The only issues are 1) the firing mechanism is hard to perform. You basically have to swipe the direction you want to fire. No one has time to press, aim in right direction, let go. That needs to be one movement to be accomplishavle. 2) ailing resolution is low. The aim can only be in something like 15 degree increments. If you are aiming for something far away, you’ll have to swipe aim to the nearest angle increment and hope you are in the right translational position to hit the target.

Fix it

I am currently in level 2, i shoot down both tanks but how am I supposed to collect all stars if the game ends so fast after i kill the last enemy tank?????

Well, I TRIED to like it...
Shadoe Haze

I like the concept and the play. I had JUUUUUST had the thought that I would play it with my daughter and the... ad and then ad and then ad... the ads are longer than the level lasts. Sorry dude, I think you should focus on getting more than a few hundred folks on your side before putting in as many ads as Tank Star. You DO realize that “Don’t , make me Tank Star this...” is a thing people say when they’re about to kill the good with cash grabbing, huh?