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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.

It’s great! Thank you


Works better than I hoped for!



I have free phone service.

This App Is Obviously Not For Free!

Starr Goddess 212

I was very excited when I got this app. I have texts forwarded to me from clients looking for quotes. I used it successfully for a 4 hour conference call. I tried calling, texting my mother, it would not work. I tried next day, nothing. I tried calling my doctors office I receive a message that I am out of credits. I never purchased credits. I was under the impression this was a free app?!? Tonight, I tried calling a number not listed in my phone book, it works. I tried calling mom, doctors office again, I am asked to purchase credits. Sending texts, asked to purchase credits. There isn’t a help desk with a explanation as to why this is happening. I am giving this app a 1. It is unreliable, useless.

Super Easy, Super Reliable


Fantastic Phone; using free version so far. Add banner on the bottom is barely noticeable. Glitch free after remembering the need to add the area code for local numbers. Highly recommended!

Answer calls in background

More than great app

Please let the users answer calls in background and let us change the area code after that talk atone is the best app to talk. Allow Talkatone accepts notification in Apple setting. And please let me set up WhatsApp with my number only please.

Can’t send videos?


I would give this app five stars but I have one issue, I can’t send videos to people on this app. I’m not sure why this is a feature but I still love the app, hopefully In the future or sooner you’ll add video sending but I still love that app thank you.

Messages dont go through


Seems like messages dont go through. I think it’s related to filers with inappropriate words or something. If that’s the case then why robots scan my private conversations? I can say whatever I want to my friends. Talkatone doesn't allow me to send a message "sex of my child". Ridiculous. Stop controlling me!

Good one


Very interested number I have with this app.

For my business

dishner's construction

I first got Talkatone for personal use, but later on used it for my business and I don’t missed calls they don’t drop and my own businesses increased 18% in the last month just because I can reach people, and be reached better now. Thank you Talkatone!


gehks shsi

I’ve been using this app for a few months .. it’s pretty good. But for some reason I’m not notified when I receive a call I usually have to call back but that’s okay I guess