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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.

Don’t get this app


There is a cap on the number of text over the same internet you’re paying for. This app is not worth it try the app showing above this app

Registration is hard


I can’t get it registered, it keeps bringing up error.

Messages failed to send


Even after paying for subscriptions I still get text limitation . My messages stops going through and I have to wait 24hours like what’s the subscription for ??? Please I would like an unlimited text .

Type freely


Worst and stupid app I have ever use You can type whatever you feel like typing Its gonna suspended you for 24hours cause you said stupid Very annoying and rubbish app. A big waste of time

Unlimited texting


Why do I get notifications I exceed daily outbound text messages app said unlimited texts and calling. I can not text unlimited



Best fir less

Bad App


Every time I try to sign in it tells me unsually high attempt of registration detected whiles that’s my first time signing up everyday it keep telling me that this app is becoming useless and boring

They app won’t work


Idk what’s going on but the app has worked fine then u fix things 3weeks ago and it tells me my account is not authorized and then it says no connection retry I mean idk what’s goin fin but now I can’t sign in at all this is unreal

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lollipop gees

You can only create one account on talkertone and they remove you soon as possible if you have your information there.. Refix this problem..


Logan Ramos