Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Reviews

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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Good game need help


It’s a good game but we got a free subscription but can’t cancel it and we keep spending money help us how do you cancel the subscription help us now plz I don’t want to waste more money we have wasted 8 dollars now help us please

Heroes tactics?!


Haven't played this game in awhile. i go to play heroes tactics and it says update it. i click update and then see this?! wth is this and what happened to such a great game?!

Dishonest Developers


The devs offer a promo where they’ll give you 500 units of premium currency if you join a specific channel in their Discord server, enter your player ID number and “wait patiently up to 72 hours” (which in and of itself is lazy and ridiculous). I did exactly as instructed- joined, posted and waited the 72 hours- and, of course, received nothing. I then immediately uninstalled on principle as I have absolutely zero interest in supporting dishonest developers who make false offers and cannot be trusted. I can not and do not recommend this game to anyone.

Tactical Monster Is the Best


I just started the game and got over 5 legendaries! I’m level 7 right now! BEST GAME EVER

Very good game, home bar bothering though


The game is excellent. I love it! I just wish the developers can address the home bar in iPhone X and beyond that are with a virtual home bar. It is quite distracting and even bothering at times. Wish the developers have a way to hide it during the gaming.




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Sheyenne Drayn

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A air breathing nutter

10/10 would smash Karissa

Tactical Monster Madness


Am loving this little gem ! Fun, fast and tactical battles. Super creative monsters and abilities. Maps are small but the enemies and terrain make strategy a must. It’s a great streamlined, monster collecting tactical battle game :)



Fix the dumb AI and I'll fix my review. Update... Wow this game isnt dumb or pay to win. It is cheat to win. Countless times the opponents sync to win. It rolls back your last move and counts it as skipped so you basically lose a turn. This happens many times especially if your up against an opponent who is much lower level than you. So many broken things in this game and this is the biggest problem, yet they continue to release more monsters without fixing anything. Glad I havent spent money on this game, people who intend on paying, dont waste your time with this game. Fix these bugs and ill gladly pay to play and give 5 stars.