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Sweetalk, an international social platform based on LBS, is able to search foreigners nearby in just one second. Free instant translation tool is offered for breaking language barriers. At present, our users have extended throughout more than 180 countries and regions in the world. You can talk with Ukrainian and Russian beauties, American hotties, Japanese cuties or good-looking guys from German and South Korea etc on Sweetalk and share your daily pics with them.
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Sweetalk Features:

【Get matched with foreigners in the same city】
Swipe left or right, get matched with foreigners in your city. Foreigners like Ukrainian and Russian beauties, American, Japanese cuties and good-looking guys from German and South Korea etc can always be found as long as you swipe.

【Instantaneous Translation for 22 Languages】
Completely free instantaneous translation for 22 languages.
Messages or voices entered will be immediately translated into the targeted language. Get a real connection with the world.

【Globally-Covered & No VPN Anymore】
Users have covered more than 180 countries and regions in the world.
No need to break the firewall.
Use for free.

【International Circles of Friend】
Free environment has been created for you to post text, images, short videos anytime u you want, sharing your daily moments with foreign friends.

Sweetalk serves as a platform for you to build your own international circles of friend.

You can easily find foreign friends in your city on Sweetalk.
If you plan to study, immigrate or travel aboard, Sweetalk is a good choice for you to learn foreign cultures in advance and can help your better integrate into a new environment.
You can have friends all over the world and never be alone wherever you are.



把我的“世界圈”还回来!!!! 😫😩

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