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Sweet Hearts Match 3

Love is in the air! The most romantic game of the year has arrived: Sweet Hearts!
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Celebrate Saint Valentine with cupid's cute candy heart matching game. This lovely match 3 puzzle features no less than 1900 relaxing and challenging levels.

Play the calming puzzles when you want to relax, or when you're in the mood for some girly pink match 3 fun, after looking for love in a dating app. No matter if you're hot or not, you will love this sweet and cute matching game with loads of enjoyable easy levels.

Use the exploding heart booster, the cross booster or the colored heart booster to help you collect the candies, stars, pink letters, hearts, bows and more. Make big matches to create more powerups, get down the lovely presents and collect the tasty chocolates.

Also make sure to invite your friends to share the love! You might even meet someone special.

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Need more levels!

When will there be more levels? It’s been months!

Bomb – Diggity

I despise games that 'add twists' every few games. This one DOES NOT do that. The goals are basically the same throughout the whole thing but the screen setup changes wildly! Lots of amazing puzzles without all the added pain of 'relearn' on each level! No confusion about how to match 'new' pieces. I was a fan of TETRIS growing up because it was the same goal each game. Although this isn't Tetris, it keeps my interest even better! GREAT GAME! No fuss!

Sweet Hearts

I love this game very relaxing

Need more levels!

When will there be more levels? It’s been months!

Lots of fun!

Great game, challenging but not overly so, and VERY addictive!

Sweet Hearts

I really enjoy the challenges of this game .. sometimes you don’t think you can go forwArd but with a little perseverance you can go quite FAR


I love this game. Love the fact that I never run out of “lives”. It’s challenging and relaxing at the same time. I’m so addicted to this game.

Best game ever

I love this game. It is so fun. I play it more then any other game on here!

Utter 57

Love playing this game!

My girls love it

Fun game recommended