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Survival Jail Prison Escape is a 3D action adventure game with challenging survival & gun shooting prison escape missions to accomplish in limited time & stealth mode. A game of survival for those who understand what freedom is worth and what they might have to pay if they get caught by enemy special forces or police. A jail break game with breathtaking 3D graphics & an immersive roam high security prison environment. You are a secret agent of who was on a special ops mission in enemy’s land but unfortunately the enemy has captured & imprisoned you. Though they have put you in the most high security jail they have, a jail where everyone from the warden to the police security guards & police sniper shooters have their eyes on you but they don’t know that you have been trained to survive in & escape from any kind of condition you’re put in.
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Games NGUYEN THI LIEN iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Amazing 3D environment
- Real life sound effects
- Challenging missions to accomplish
- Engaging game play
- A chance to make an escape story
- Multiple layers to escape.


Improvement needed
needs improvement for play

That’s too bad it seem like it was a good storyline to but I just simply don’t want to play because first it’s hard to turn the screen to the direction you want to look at second the guy walks sideways and stuff is just really weird I don’t expect it to be as perfect as grand of auto but it definitely should be better


I don’t know if it’s just my phone or what, but I can’t turn the character at all to look a different way and I don’t understand how to do what I need to do. Not very fun at all.

Not my favorite..

The fact that I have to walk backwards.. is retarded. Why can’t I turn??

Below 1 Star

Straight garbage. Little effort was put into making this game. Can not walk straight, the screen doesn’t flip.


One of the worst game ever! You can’t turn. Look around. Everything is messed up!

Worst game/graphics ever

Forget the fact that in order to turn you have to figure out on your own to swipe the screen in the direction you want to walk in. How the heck do you know where to go when completing missions? The food on stage 2 is where exactly? Great idea gone sour quickly!

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