Survival Island Games - Survivor Craft Adventure Reviews

5/5 rating based on 8 reviews. Read all reviews for Survival Island Games - Survivor Craft Adventure for iPhone.
Survival Island Games - Survivor Craft Adventure is free iOS app published by Valerii Martynov

Great Hidden Gem


I can't believe there aren't more reviews for this game! It is great so far. Nice art, environments, gameplay and interface. This game has a ton of potential and I can't wait to see what's still to be discovered

Love the game and the graphics

Ragidy Annie

I love playing this game it’s lots of fun. My nephew loves helping me play the game... mainly enjoys the fishing part of it. The graphics are really good and I love seeing the color change from day to night. The only ONE bad comment I have for this game is that if I get a call or I stop mid game to quickly look at a different app or something I have to restart the game or uninstall the app and reinstall it because the game glitches and I don’t get my reward for completing a task even though it shows it’s completed. Honestly would like that fixed but it doesn’t bother me if I have to restart the game since it’s super adorable.

Quest Error


Two of my quests will never complete even though I’ve finished all the tasks. Plz fix!

Best game ever


This game is amazing cause of the ppl they are soooooooo cool

Very buggy


Controls are stuck when trying to select a quest. Also, you don’t get the rewards when completing a quest. Almost as if the system can’t register it. When you have collected enough of an item, a question mark in a box appears next to the item. This game needs to be fixed.

Swiming is life

tisk tisk ti#k

Can you put an update we’re you can swim across rivers

I need regeneration!


I never wrote a review before so all I want to say about this game is that you don’t regenerate health! Please add an update were you can regenerate health. And NOT were you regenerate health slow I NEED it to be QUICKER!!! P.S. why not make a force field when you first spawn in! I’m being 1 HIT KOed people!

Cute, fun, but buggy


Would be a perfect little game except that many of the quests glitch so that the reward can’t be obtained. Also, some of the areas become permanently blocked by bugs, such as the snow bridge. Please fix! Otherwise, it’s a fun, addictive little game with great graphics.

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