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Survival Island - Craft 2

Beautiful island full of treasures and great adventures awaits!
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Games $1.99 Kristina Fedenkova iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hey there, good traveler! Look around you, you are on a beautiful island with amazing nature and astonishing landscapes. The only problem with this paradise is that you are trapped there, all alone, all by yourself. You don't remember what or who brought you here. You don't even have food or water or a shelter to live in. So you have to do your best to stay alive!

In Survival Island - Craft 2 you play a role of survivor, a man who have to find and collect resources to craft different weapons and build a shelter, you have to hunt on animals to get food. No one can help you, your life is in your hands! Dive into wonderful survival simulator and learn how to survive in wild life! But remember, that there is a great secret hidden in these lands! Find all the treasures and dispel the mystery of the island!

Survival Island - Craft 2 game features:
- Beautiful island
- Unique low poly style
- Crafting system
- Animal hunting
- Survival simulator

If you are a fan of survival simulator game genre, if you like to collect resources and craft items, then Survival Island - Craft 2 will be a perfect pick for you! Enjoy the adventures, craft all the weapons and build a shelter! Find all the treasures and ancient recipes! Good luck and have fun!


I like it

It's fun and has a ton of different animals. I love the unique graphics, and crafting. But my only sought is that there is no hot bar