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Survival Island 2017 - Savage 2

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“Hey, survivor! Get to the coast, be quick—they're after us!"
The creators of Survival Island 2016: Savage and Survival Island Online release a continuation of the most captivating game of 2016!

Along with the standard features, such as gathering of the resources, learning to craft items, island exploration and fighting off wild animals, we've added several unique ones that mark us out from the rest of survival games.

Craft and collect items
Experience new evolve crafting system! Create items instantly without waiting.

Choose 1st or 3rd-person view
Switch between cameras any time and look at your character from behind or look through his eyes on the island. Play however you choose!

Enjoy more than 10 different types of weather
The weather on the island changes just like in real life: there are fog, clouds, and all kinds of precipitation.

Master the secret magic of the island ancestors
There are mysterious altars hidden all over the island, find them all and you will gain incredible powers which will help you beat the toughest bosses!

Explore the wilderness of the island
The animals are so lifelike, they even sleep, eat, and fight. We're sure you'll love being an explorer on the island.

Fight for survival around the world, around the clock
Time never stands still, and each new morning, afternoon, evening, and night brings unique new challenges!

Battle bosses and mythical creatures
Fight unique bosses when you are ready! And, of course, rewards await you for their defeat!

Find treasures in mysterious ruins
When you find this mysterious location, explore every nook and cranny of it; vast riches can be found in there!

Craft and gather items
Try out new evolutionary craft system: the items are made instantly, there is no need to wait anymore.

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chris laflamme

Crashes every 10 seconds.. pisses me off. Most the time, when I do get a good run in before it shuts down and returns me to the home screen, once I log back on all my progress is saved. Had the game maybe ten minutes and I’m deleting it.

Good idea in theory

I liked the idea of this game, but the character moves too slowly - and the app keeps crashing. The lighting is bad - and the crafting felt more like an mmo. Just not good enough to keep playing

Please help

U bought this game and was disappointed to find that i can't even begin playing it because it crashes every time I try to load the game, please fix this so I can play. Thanks


Absolute crap!! Do not buy!!!

Luga Pitluga

Game has plenty of potential. If it would let me play. Game crashes maybe a minute into playing everytime. I just payed 2 dollars. If it's fixed I'll change to a much higher rating


Fix it so we can play it.

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