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Megaera… At first glance it seems to be barren, almost lifeless planet. But, in fact, this is quite a special place.
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Welcome to the grand laser arena where swashbuckling adrenaline addicts from all corners of Galaxy. Compete with each other for the title of the toughest duelist!

There is no need for fighters to arrive personally: remotely controlled drones will fight for them. These drones are half-organic, half-synthetic native inhabitants of Megaera. Once they had a hive mind, a united consciousness - but their Overmind had gone too far with cybernetic enhancement and eventually transformed itself into 100% machine. Now it has only one joy - it rents its fellow drones to the outer controllers and establishes the laser gladiator fights!

If you feel sorry for the drones - don’t worry, they have got used to this way of life. They even adore it!

Characteristics of the game:

Dozens of unique weapons - thanks to modular weapon design;
Cunning opponents - overrun them in the global leaderboard;
Lots of different tactics due to the sophisticated form of arena.


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