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Supermodel Commando Rope Escape

Supermodel Commando to the rescue. Supermodels have been recruited for Commando missions. Select from famous Paris, Brazil and Sydney. Swing through the cities and don't miss and crash to the ground.
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Games Free Nikhil Parekh iPhone, iPad, iPod

Connect your rope to buildings and swing like Spiderman. Hook on to aeroplanes, helicopters and even blimps that will enable your Supermodel Commandos help save the city.
fly across the city. Don't hold on too long or you may be sorry.


- choose between 3 cities including Paris, Brazil and Sydney
- Choose between day or night
- choice of your favorite Supermodel Commandos (choose from 6 characters)
- Select from 6 rope styles
- Selet from different time limit modes - 30 seconds, 60 seconds and even unlimited time modes


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