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Superfy is the cool new app that gets your question answered by someone who knows their stuff - and then lets you chat it out.

Just ask any question and our Super-Bot will find you the right person to give you your answer, thanks to our proprietary matching algorithm.

This brand new, totally awesome service is made for and relies on you - so we’d love to hear your feedback!

How It Works:
Sick and tired of trawling through endless, usually unuseful (or unrelated) search results? Let Superfy instantly connect you to the right person to answer your question.

Superfy’s AI matches you - in real-time - and is powered by a superior algorithm for understanding and matching people.

You can use Superfy to ask and answer questions on literally ANYTHING. For example:

*What’s it like to live in Bermuda?
*What’s it like to work at Google?
*Is the Glastonbury Festival worth the ticket price?
*How do I cook a boiled egg?
*How can I make my newborn sleep better?
*Is the new Avengers film faithful to the other movies?
*Get tips from people who have done things, been places and seen stuff...then chat with someone who knows what they’re talking about!

…Or anything else you can think of!

Superfy is authenticated with a Facebook account - so if you don't have one...get one!


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