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SuperCity: City Building Game

Welcome to a CITY BUILDER’s paradise! Have fun and bring your most ambitious architectural dreams to life!
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Build everything you’ve ever wanted! Over 1000 UNIQUE BUILDINGS and decorations will help you create your very own SuperCity. Cozy coffee shops, luxurious villas, splashing fountains, playgrounds and lots lots more!

There’re always lots to do at the Mayor’s office:
* Build beautiful homes for your citizens
* Organize filming a reality TV show
* Make friends with Superzilla’s caring mom and her adventurous little boy
* Help aliens repair their spaceship
* Arrange a beach volleyball tournament
* Harvest crops of exotic fruits on the farm
* Visit your friends
… and plenty more!

Transform your little town into a shining megapolis and share the secrets of your success with your neighbours!

Special features:
* beautiful graphics with great colour and style
* over 1000 unique buildings and decorations
* charismatic characters and fun quests
* real-life monuments to decorate your town
* you can play with friends and help each other out

Please note: You can play SuperCity for free but some items require payment.

Make your town a dreamworld for shopaholics, foodies, and party people
SuperCity always has something fun to do! Join in!


Great game BUT agree with others...

I read the reviews beforehand but still started to play because I have been looking for a game like this. I loved it right away and became a daily player. Slowly but surely I hit wall after wall with quests that required super bucks to complete (and I’m only on level 21!). And while I realize there are ways to earn super bucks for free, it’s just not enough to keep things afloat...and who wants to spend months collecting a super buck here and there to finally have enough to complete one measly quest. I’m ok with spending a couple bucks of my own money when needed but the amount you would have to shell out in order to keep going is unrealistic. With the overwhelming consensus of the reviews being the same, I would hope that they would have made some changes and backed off on the super buck thing a little but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen so like most others, I’ll probably be forced to stop playing. Very disappointing.

City of Hope ..
Algood things

This is a very fun and amazing game.Lots of challenges also love the graphics...

5 Stars EXCEPT for ENERGY ggggrrrrrhhhh

I LOVE this game except for ENERGY!!!! Why why why do you need “energy” to collect MONEY AND GOODS?? There is no need for it! And I am one that has spent REAL money for this.

Download It!!!

I absolutely LOVE this game! I visit it everyday no matter what! I would so recommend this to anyone. Amazing work on the design!!

Crashes constantly
Happy gamer27

Very frustrating. Game crashes every few minutes.

Super city

I love this game, I wish we could get two water towers instead of one though.

Engaging, Fun, Great Gameplay & Graphics!

I love this game because unlike a lot of today’s games, SC isn’t telling you every move you have to make so the player isn’t really “playing,” just mindlessly clicking when the game tells them to. In SuperCity, you get expanses of land that you can decorate as you desire. They offer quests which give you opportunities to earn rewards, including buildings, and when the quests have a time limit it is for at minimum several days. Very important and also unlike other games, SuperCity gives you 10 “SuperBucks” every five days that you consecutively log in (the in-game cash you have to spend real money on), and/or gives you opportunities to create buildings or landmarks to generate these SuperBucks. My personal experience with customer support has been super...they have twice resolved an issue for me, one which was totally my own fault being a newbie to the game. I once had a similar issue with a different game and while they fixed it, they also treated me like I was 5 years old. Not SuperCity..they were kind, helpful, and made me feel like a valued customer; that is why I gave them a 5 star. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.


Hi good game, but need bridge over the railroad tracks to Connect to other part of the property and any renewal cost down property till it’s a little high.


I love this game. The music, the shops. It reloads constantly, which is a big pain. While the game is free, you can only go so far this way. Then it’s time for Super Bucks, which you get a max of 3 once a week IF you log in every day for a week. The developers are posting here that there’s plenty of opportunities to earn free Super Bucks, but that’s a big lie. I’ve been doing surveys and redeeming them for itunes cards in order to buy Super Bucks. There will also be special missions in order to obtain a certain building, but unless you pay $$$$ to advance in the mission, you will not finish in the time allotted and you won’t get the building. I’ll just delete the game pretty soon. I read other reviews which all say pretty much the same thing I’ve said here and it’s obvious the developers aren’t going to change it because right now people are paying. Sad!

Force to make friends online

I was playing this game for some times. They force you to make friend online by asking for specific items that can only obtain by asking from neighbor.