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Super Zoom Telephoto Camera

Super Zoom Telephoto Camera Free could transform your iPhone or iPad into a full screen zoom camera with flashlight! You can choose between 3 auto-zoom scales (2x, 3x, 4x) and pinch to zoom in/out manually from 1x to 4x.
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Photo & Video Free Maoli Wang iPhone, iPad, iPod

With Super Zoom Telephoto Camera you could enjoy sporting event with birding watch. With Super Zoom Telephoto Camera you could check the details of anything with the zoom function for the perfect view and take a high-res picture; With Super Zoom Telephoto Camera Free you could see anything anywhere!

Is that amazing? It just turns your phone into a pocket telephoto camera.

- Magnify from 1x to 4x
- Photo Capture
- Pinch to Zoom In/Out
- Brightest Flashlight
- Universal App for both iPhone & iPad
- Pocket Telephoto Camera

It's the best zoom camera app for iPhone & iPad you'll ever use. Get Super Zoom Telephoto Camera Free NOW!


Needs a lot of work....
Pistol pete 520

This magnify APP is not good, it only lets you zoom in X4 and to zoom in higher you have to buy the PRO version. I found others out there that are much better free ones like loupe and magnify glass 2018 to name a few. I little advice for the makers.. when your starting a app that there is a bunch already and the ones out are free you need to make the app your going to make public 200% better then what’s out there for people to notice your APP, add different features ex: add a color changing screen, add text to pic, add pic to the pic make different themes etc etc .... Just my small two cents, no shade ......😉

Blurry photos

Blurry if try to zoom above 4x makes it worthless.


The free version only goes to 4x. Not much difference between normal and 4x if it let you use it all the way to 32x it would be worth downloading. But being crippled after 4x, it’s not worth the time, nor energy to download and install it. Find another app that will work not lead you astray like this does

cool app

😺 like it

Same zoom as built in camera in the free version

This app has the same maximum zoom as the built in camera in the free version.

Can't Focus

Once you have the camera zoomed on something you can't focus on it. Without upgrading for $1.99 it is the same as the built in camera on your phone.


Can't do anything til u upgrade to full version. Don't waste ur time

Not good
Hhgvvvvcfc. Ffffggg

You need to upgrade to the full version to get better than the built in camera

So disappointed

I would give this one star, but it closes the app. I paid the extra 1.99 to get the 32x but the "upgrade" doesn't allow any way to focus. Not worth the upgrade.

El Stinko

Very blurry pictures, even under the minimal magnification. Not worth the time that it took to download.