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Super Rat Lite - The Cheese Addiction

Addictive Mouse Game
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Games Free Galia Aviram iPhone, iPad, iPod

Lets go into the amazing story about our mouse who has to sneak all around to get the cheese. We provide a huge amount of challenging levels. We also have some secret levels that will help you release all the adrenaline inside your fingers :)
Instructions: Drag the mouse/rat all around, make sure you pick up the cheese and deliver it to the right place! Each level is more challenging than the previous one.
Behave like a complete spy mouse! be ready!
The interface is very intuitive, you will have fun for several days!


Never heard of it

This game won’t let me update it!!!!!😥😭😢😴🤤🤢🤮🤕🤑👺 👾🧠👀

This game doesn't deserve any stars!

It is a horrible app. It copied SPY MOUSE SPY MOUSE is much better


This game isn't fun or excited at all. If you want a game that's interesting, go try SPY Mouse, It has way more levels, and is way better.

Ava 11 7 30

This game is just BAD. For people who want a game like it but better, get SPY mouse. ( Spy mouse is awesome)

Space unicorns

Horrible, repulsive, terrible. Oh, and a rip-off

Wish I could give 0 stars
Live for games

Wow.... PATHETIC!! This game is totally stupid. If you want a REALLY fun game, get Spy Mouse.


Honestly, this is truly awful! If you want a good game get Spy Mouse, it might be .99 but its fabulous! This is a cheap rip off of it! Please go get an original idea.

All down
Ckeck me! LOL

This game is down I don't know Y people hate it

Sorry excuse for a game.
Katie vineyard

Mouse kept disappearing mid run, then would also just stop when I was drawing the line so it got eaten. Also would not move when I was drawing the line for him like I was not even touching the screen. Sad.

Super rat vs. Spy mouse

Super rat is superly stupid! If you want to have tons of fun get Spy mouse! P.S. Hope you have fun playing Spy mouse

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