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If you've always wanted to keep the streets of your city free from crime, are you a true hero of street fighting? .If Yes this is your free fighting game, you can make amazing combos with punches and kicks spectacular you breath away.
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Enjoy destroying your enemies, let them KO, the Boss punctuate each neighborhood more, find bullets across the stage and shoot away your enemies with your brand new gun that will help you get incredible achievements.

Make combos and discover special moves, as you get chained combos you will discover new beats, destroys arriles to find rewards and kits that will help lengthen your score.

Caractristicas the game:

- HD graphics.
- Fast-paced action.
- Easy and intuitives controls.
- Incredible engine retro fight.
- Global Leaderboard.
- Achievements
- Exciting shots.
- Aesthetics retro gamming.

Enjoy unleashing all your fury on the street, punching and karate chops and amazing mma for destroy all, clear your browser gangsters the city and organized crime, fight against mafia bosses and get the best score, compete with fighters from around the world with a global leaderboard and it proves to be the best.

If you're a fan of classic games and enjoy the free street fighting games, you can not miss the chance to download for free, Street Hero Fighter is an infinite game based on the retro look of the 90's with amazing dyes acción.this free game is financed through advertising inside., so you can play every day of your life without spending any money.


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