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Plan, prioritize, reach peak performance daily. Summit is a flexible day planner for managing all your tasks, calendar events, reminders and notes in one place.
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Productivity Goals LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Automatically syncs with all your calendars
- One to do list with all your tasks & events
- Appointments can have checklists too
- Complete calendar events like to-dos
- Sync between devices with iCloud
- Drag & drop to reorder or reschedule
- Organize your thoughts & ideas with Notes
- Powerful repeat options for tasks & events
- Get repeating reminders whenever you want
- And lots more!

Plan your day in a snap, always feel organized, and achieve your daily goals with Summit.


Franklin planner for today

I really like the feature that will calculate my drive time and build that in to the schedule.

Really like this app- but has room to improve

It is easy to use and allows flexibility in your options of how you keep your details for each day. I would love if there was a app for my Mac and more customizable font edits, choice of bullets and color text and options for what text to use would make it almost perfectπŸ‘πŸ½

3 dólars per month for syncing?!?!
Veiga, MD

In app purchases are out of this world. This app charges 3 dólars for monthly syncing you tasks and presenting them in a pretty way. Not worthy. I wish it was clear at the description, would have saved my time and network transfer.

You could have been the one

This is an excellent app, and it's so close to being what I need it to be. I have been searching for an easy to use app that combines to-do's and calendar events into one clean interface. I love how it shows overdue reminders and easily allows you the reschedule them. But I have two issues: 1. Tasks do not auto-sort by time. If I add a task that falls between 2 calendar events, it populates at the bottom of the list, often out of sight unless I scroll down. 2. It's too difficult to differentiate between calendar events and tasks at a glance. I was constantly going back to my Calendar app to look at my schedule for the day. Using some bolder colors would help immensely. Fix those things and I'll be back.



Crashing and calendar duplication

First off, the app is gorgeous and has some great features. Unfortunately, there are 2 main issues; whenever accessing calendar invites the app crashes. I tried a restart, quitting all apps, etc. also I am on an iPhone X so horsepower is no issue. The other problem, the app duplicated all my calendars when they were brought into the app so I had 2 of everything in the list and on my calendar. Because of that it’s unusable in its current form. Otherwise I love the UI and the polished look of everything. Please fix those issues and I will update my review. Thanks!

I love this app!!

This is the easiest & best day planner I have ever used! Everything from my old calendar transferred seamlessly. I love the clean layout & seeing all my events and tasks in chronological order for each day. However, you can put them in any order you like simply by dragging it, or you can choose the sort by time or sort by priority options found in the upper right corner of the monthly calendar I’m a list maker and being able to swipe the a completed event or task off the list, while still being able to retrieve it, if necessary, is an awesome feature! You can also choose to show your completed tasks in a faded display if you like seeing everything you’ve done for the day at a glance. I just got started and I haven’t use the notes yet, but knowing how detail oriented I am I’m sure I will! Thank you so much for developing this!

3 to 4 to 5
ursoc brew

Developer reach out and inquired about my crashing issue and fixed it on next update! App runs great now, glad I did Fuji.

One of the best
Saleh Nizar Rawashdeh

I love this app, its so organized and good and it has a lot of good features. I really wish I can change the color of the app though.

Compelling combo of tasks and calendar

Feels like I’ve tried all the popular task apps out there. This is the first with the “just right” amount of features, which compels me to get sh...tuff done. My favorite feature is tasks that roll forward each day until they’re complete. Syncing calendars (iCal and Google) works really well, and developers are super responsive to feature requests. I have high hopes for their planned features and ongoing support.