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Classic Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd like to relax or keep your mind active – pass time in a pleasant way! Get a small stimulating break or clear your head with Sudoku. Take your favorite game with you wherever you go. Playing Sudoku on mobile is better than with a pencil and paper.
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Choose any level you like. Play easier levels to exercise your brain, or try expert levels to give your mind a real workout. Our Sudoku has some features that make the game easier for you: hints, auto-check, and duplicates highlight. You can use them or complete the challenge without help – it's up to you! What's more, in our Sudoku each puzzle has one solution.

Get an amazing Sudoku experience:

· Challenge yourself figuring out your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see your mistakes as you go
· Make notes to keep track of possible numbers. Each time you fill in a cell, notes are automatically updated!
· Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column and block
· Hints can guide you through the points when you are stuck
· Challenge your friends via any messenger app, social network or e-mail. Can they solve it?
· Express yourself with funny ninja stickers for iMessage!

Train your brain with Sudoku anywhere, anytime!


Nana MLL

I play this game daily but today when I updated the game it would no longer allow me to open it. Any suggestions? I turned off my device and started it again. I also quit the game and reopened it, I still cannot get it to open. My only other option is to delete the game and try to reload it. This will unfortunately cause me to lose all of my progress!

My go-to Sudoku app.

I play Sudoku on my phone, computer and in books and I would say that this is my favorite format. The app has a clean look and is very simple to use, yet also has extensive depth and functionality accessible through settings. This allows for tailoring to suit your preferred look or functionality. The events and awards give me a reason to keep using the app and offer a sense of accomplishment, supplemented by the statistics menu. However, I keep encountering an issue that, while not detrminetal to my experience, is still mildly frustrating. The issue is in reference to the "number-first input" setting, which allows you to lock a number by tapping and holding that number, in turn allowing you to use it for multiple cells. The issue that I experience is that while I have a cell selected which has a user-inputted number (a blue number) and attempt to tap and hold to select a different number, it will actually change the number that was in the selected cell. If I press very firmly there seems to be no issue. I am not entirely sure if the problem is caused by the app or my own device (iPhone 11), so I've given benefit of the doubt with 5 stars anyway. I will say, however, that my game statistics ("wins with no mistakes" specifically) are skewed for that reason, since the app will interpret that as a mistake. I would say that this issue accounts for possibly as much as 25% of my "mistakes" in total. I would love to hear some feedback as to whether this is an isolated (exclusive to me) issue or if others have experience the same problem. Thanks, devs, for a great app. Keep up the good work.

Beneficio indiscutible.

Es un entretenimiento agradable que me facilita la concentración y la atención y el desarrollo de agilidad y habilidades visuales, entre otras. Es muy bueno para adultos mayores.

Easy Level

I like to play Sudoku, but I need the easy level to complete a game. I love mind games.

selling out lol

this app was a fun way to pass the time, but the introduction of ads has made it less enjoyable. I understand it though, get your coins, this app deserves it.

Giant puzzle not on iPhone?

Really like the app! Why isn’t there a giant puzzle option for iPhone, though? My gf has the same thing on Android and I would really like to play that one.

Too many ads

WAY too many 30 seconds ads!! I won’t play this one again.

Too many adds

Love the game, but there are wayyyyy too many adds that pop up way too often.

Great game

Purchased first day I tried it as I love it. I also love the killer challenges. It only gets 4 stars as it does not synchronize data with my other data. So if I start a challenge on my iPad and want to continue when I go out I an not.

Dark mode

Can you add a dark mode setting? Thank you for the response!