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Sudoku Puzzle Classic Japanese Logic Grid AA Game

New Sudoku players and experienced masters will both enjoy this beautiful version of the famous Japanese number puzzle game.
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Games Free Md. Mahmud Ahsan iPhone, iPad, iPod

Key features:
• Easy level for new players; hard level for experienced players seeking new challenges.
• Complete statistics to help you track your progress
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Beautiful background music for inner peace

Sudoku Puzzle challenges you to fill in 81 tiles with numbers which match a simple pattern: each number between one and nine must appear once in each row, once in each column, and once in each of the nine mini-grids. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It gets challenging when the game semi-randomly places a few starter tiles. Now completing the pattern work takes concentration and mental agility, making the game a perfect way to improve your mental ability while still having fun.

Sudoku Puzzle is far superior to paper-based Sudoku games. Not only is it always with you whenever you have your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but you don’t need to worry about making a wrong move. There are no handwritten numbers to erase.

Better yet, you can’t finish a game with any mistakes. Sudoku Puzzle will tell you when you accidentally try to break the rules of the game, so you never need to have the elation of success crushed by the discovery that you used a number twice in a single row.

Statistics which help track your progress include the number of Sudoku Puzzle games you’ve completed, your highest score, your best time, and your best run—the most Sudoku games you’ve finished successfully in a row.

The game also ties into the Games Center to let you earn Achievements and put your name on the Leaderboard to prove your Sudoku skill.



It's a great game but it keeps crashing

Sodoku Pro

Like the layout and the sound effects, but disappointed with the design of some of the harder puzzles. There should never be a scenario where either of 2 different solutions works.

Shuts me out

Love the game, but can't finish because it throws me out and will not give me the game back. Very frustrating!


Great but keeps crashing! Only able to play 2 out of about 10 games- frustrating!!!

A lot of fun!!

Had only played a few times in the past, I am really enjoying this app. The only problem is that since the last update it kicks me out and won't reopen the game. A bit frustrating.


Can't finish a game because it keeps crashing.

Great game, but...

If you Select a correct number, sometimes the 'wrong number' message appears.

Sudoku pro
cynthia tuddles

Great!, I love it



New player

Good game. Needs improvement on some controls, if you go back to menu(real easy to do by accident) you lose your current game