Style Me Girl - Free 3D Fashion Dressup Reviews

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Style Me Girl - Free 3D Fashion Dressup is free iOS app published by Frenzoo Limited

Please fix this


What is up with the glitches in this game I’m stuck on the Halloween level. It shows the red curtains come down and never go back up to get back to the game



Level 18 is broken, and the ratings are really inaccurate because I match the style well a lot of the time and it still rates it badly.

Not enough levels


I love this game but I ran out of levels 😂

Amazing but.... by cooldork12😎


It’s my like favorite dress up game but I feel like they don’t really pay attention to the fact that little girls might play I feel this is a game for tweens and older

Pros / Cons

beanz in the kitchen

Hi! Ive played this game so much when i was little, i remembered it and downloaded it again, but i cant get past level 18 because the curtain gets frozen. I really want to play this game again. So can you fix the curtain problem please? Thank you so so much.

aha what


this app is clickbait I’m sorry all you do is look at red curtain and get yelled at which could scare some potential young children playing this... all thought this is a seemly kid friendly fashion game but apparently no, and I thought I was the only one with the 18 lvl stuck on curtain situation... uwu bye fix your fricken problem im deleting this app



Penelope has broken the game. FIX IT!

This needs to be updated


Plenty of times, I have been getting stuck on level 18. The curtain closes and doesn’t open back up. It was working just fine before and then I get stuck. This game would be better if you fixed this issue!!!

Favorite Game! Fix level 18!


I love this game so much but level 18 just freezes.

Update needed


I used to play this all the time when I was younger so I went to download it again and it gets stuck on a certain level also the music doesn’t play đŸĨē I doubt they’re going to update it but 🤷đŸŊ‍♀ī¸