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Stupid Zombies 4

The Stupid Zombies return in a 4th installment of the popular series. By now you should know the drill: Bounce bullets off walls and kill all the zombies in each level. Some setups are more obvious than others, but you can’t knock the stupid out of the zombie without the occasional brainy puzzle.
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Games GameResort LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

A variety of missions will get you accustomed to different weapons. Collect coins in each level to unlock new heroes. If you feel extra fancy you can join the VIP mode to shoot groovy jackpot blocks for extra earnings and enjoy other goodies.

It’s payback time!


Great game
Alex Stucke

I love the game, but could the developers possible direct me towards a forum of some sort? Or maybe a reddit community to troubleshoot my lack of skill for this particular level?😂

Stupid series
Sorin cel Mare

Compared to previous nights, this series is very easy, as if it were made for 3-4 years old. A total disappointment !!!

An odd gamer

Stupid zombies 2 is my favorite of the series so could you add things like could add more places like a snow place or a desert place with zombies that fit with the theme

Zombies 4
qplayer 2

I am 77 years old, and I have 1,2,3 on on my iPads and tablet. I love those games: full screen, and you can immediately see the strategy needed.The new game is lacking on viewing size, and the it takes a while to figure out the strategies in some games. You guys are great, but the new one is Noh as good as the others.

The Greatest Game Since Poptropica

I appreciate how well crafted the gaming experience is. The level design is among the greatest I’ve encountered- Shoeless Joe Jackson would be proud. The innovations to the gameplay really shine through, providing a familiar, yet fresh experience. The “hero” mechanic is a triumph. Being able to work towards unlocking new avatars to control is really great. I’m considering purchasing the VIP subscription. $3.99 a month is worth the rewards it gives!

Where’s all the levels?

Why portrait mode ??? Where’s all the levels???

Good app25

I love this game


It good

Stupid Zombies 4
ابن شمر

Wow 💚

Been playing forever


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