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This app will help you detect ferrous metal objects. It uses the magnetometer to measure the magnetic field when your iPhone is placed near ferrous metal objects.
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Utilities Free Tue Nguyen Minh iPhone, iPad, iPod


Doesn’t work for me

At medium sensitivity (50%), no signal even right over a nail. At higher sensitivity (75%), will detect nails, but too sensitive, so you can only tell where the stud is plus or minus about 2”. That doesn’t help much.

Dud Finder
Kephren Palmer

This app is more like a Dud Finder than a Stud Finder!! It’s a Dud Finder because the app itself is a Dud and I have found it.... I hate this app and while it does not find studs, it certainly makes you think, “wow this app is a real dud”.

Another pay app

Tou cannot even test this app unless you pay for it. Developer, you can by a studfinder for $3.99 so what makes yours so special?

Texas Size Johnson



Uh tell me why it literally gives you 5 seconds to find a stud then it tells you to upgrade or wait 7 seconds or so to keep looking. Pass.

It works... but nags you to pay

You get seconds to try and find a stud before it blocks you from using the app for 5-10 seconds. Good luck trying to find a stud with the limitations this “free” app gives you. This kind of practice I frown upon and in no way would support it. The app works, as it should considering I’ve used this kind of app in the past on android, (which you can find a free app that has no limit to how long you could use it) but it’s unusable as is.

Waste of time

This app runs for a few seconds then asks you to upgrade and if you wait a few seconds you can use it again and it keeps doing that over and over. Don’t waste your time with the download

Charged me, but didn’t upgrade


Don’t know if it works bc free is only free for 30 seconds

Don’t know if it works bc free is only free for 30 seconds, then you have to wait 10 seconds, then you have 10 seconds, etc. There isn’t even enough time to find the first stud much less get to the next. So either you already know how to use stud finders or not, do not attempt to learn with this free version, you literally can’t. Why even bother offering a free version? Just make ppl pay like other apps. I for one will be trying another app

Annoying AF!!!

Every 4 seconds it freezes & makes you wait 10+ seconds unless you give them money. It finds metal if placed right over nails etc that you can see, but gives various results on same wall spot each time its placed there so its a pass on the upgrade for me ??



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