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Storm Area 51: RAID & ENTER

**DISCLAIMER: This game is satire and in no way affiliated with any real-life place or event.
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The iconic, worldwide meme comes to life in this exciting strategy battlefield simulator.

Build your arsenal of units from the memes themselves, each equipped with a special perk (and maybe a weakness!) that will help you raid the secrets of the base.


Your arsenal's power is calculated and will be put to the test against the base's defense. Should you succeed in raiding the base, lots of secrets are to be found.. Keep playing to uncover them all!



I got the raid 3 times dude y’all need to keep playing to see the alien gif it’s priceless

Gunnery Sergeant Toots

The United States Marines have chosen to defect from the military, with the help of MATSG-21 we will help the civilians storm Area 51 for some alien tiites. This app has been recognized and approve for government contracting and meet the standards for Uniformed Code of Military Justice. With the help of our Indirect fire units and reconnaissance, with combined forces of close and swift combatants we will seize Area 51 in a manner of hours. Rah Devils.

Absolute masterpiece with only one down side

The only down side is that in probably going to be put on a government list for downloading this


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Awesome game!

I can spend so much time on this game and never get bored! But I do have some suggestions to improve some things. 1. Difficulties. You can add different difficulties that give you different amounts of tokens. For example easy can give you a lot of tokens, medium gives you a medium amount, and hard gives you very little. each difficulty can even give a different map. 2. Maybe a tutorial level with a alien showing you got to play. 3. Different gifs when you win. 4 more units if you can even think of any (I can’t lol) or maybe health under our units 5. You can name the different parts of the map to show the entrance and other things That’s it for my suggestions! I hope you guys find one of these things good to add! S

See dem Aliens

September 20th here we come

smartie 10+10=20

Very boring game.